Ad Consultant

Jeff Sexton


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I’m all about creating “Wicked Good” advertising, meaning ads with a relatable emotional core as well as a hard persuasive edge. Ads your competition will hear with a sinking gut, knowing they’re in trouble.

Chris Maddock

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Say what matters, where it matters, when it matters. Whatever the medium, I’ll help you deliver a clearer, more meaningful message exactly where and when it matters.

Tom Walters

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Are you good at what you do? Are you willing to share your values and beliefs? What you stand for and against? Letting the world see you real always makes an impression. Do you have the courage? Let’s get started.

Michael Keesee

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Want to feel confident? Like a kid who knows dad will be home to play? Wanna feel that comfort with business? Don't talk to Michael if you want the same ol' thing. He never met a box.

J.D. Campbell

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I don’t care if you sell pink urinal cakes. If you wake every morning with the sole intention of dominating the urinal cake market, and have the courage to pee against the wind, then I’m the guy for you.

Jacob Harrison

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I am the marketing strategist and ad writer for over a dozen businesses. Nearly all have grown by double digits each year. My clients grew an average of 21 percent last year (and I have some very big clients). Here’s how I do it…

Jerry Cassandro

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Be the company your customers think of first and feel best about. Your message must cut through the clutter, grab your listeners attention and touch a felt need. I can show you how to make your ads work, lets talk!

Micke DuBil


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Wanted: Porsche Carrera. BeeSting yellow, with matching brake calipers. Click through to discov

Wicho Lopez


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Hablo español and understand the hispanic culture, market growth and power. I don´t just translate, I seek to relate, connect, and make brands resonate.

Michele Miller


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Women influence 83 cents of every dollar spent in North America. I help you tap into that gold mine with ad copy and marketing strategies that create lifelong customers.

Daniel Fryar

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Details Forthcoming.

Clay Campbell

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Details Forthcoming.

Adam Deatherage

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Details Forthcoming.