Ray Seggern

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With the power of words and the sound of the human voice…Framing high expectations and the experiences that follow…From the page to the stage to the airwaves, Ray-Dog is a business “Man’s Best Friend.” Arooooooo!

Tom Wanek

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You’re probably expecting me to say something witty about myself here. How about we just cut to the chase? Click my profile link and let’s get on with growing your business.

Peter Nevland

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You want a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s well-thought out, overflowing with creativity and results in a continuously growing bank account. I’m the engineering artist who’ll lead a team of Wizard of Ads partners to help you soar.

Craig Arthur

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Select any Wizard of Ads Partner from this page and you’ll make the right decision. Your business will grow. You will be happy. If you live in Australia, so do I, so let’s talk.

Andrew Harrison


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You can't see the label when you're inside the bottle. You need someone outside your business who can make what you have to offer resonate with people. I create advertising campaigns that demand attention and increase sales. When it comes time to buy your product or service, people will start to think of YOU first and feel the best about you.

Charlie Moger

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Getting more go outta your ad dough is what I do. Leverage my 25+ years of proven advertising, production and promotions experience to get you growing.

Dave Young

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My intense curiosity sometimes gets me in trouble. (as in…I wonder what would happen if…) Mostly, it makes me good at finding unleveraged assets. Trust me, that’s a good thing!

Chuck McKay

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Advertising, you will find, is applied science. I can prove it. Watch out for those people who tell you that advertising is an art. Chances are they flunked science.

Manley Miller

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When your momma names you “Manley” you definitely ain’t destined for a life of subtlety. Manley is an award-winning speaker, writer, dancer and graphic designer. When you hire his services you will get at least one idea that will make you nervous, but it will certainly get someone’s attention. He specializes in motivating people to change and this includes changing where they spend their money.

Steve Rae

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Hold the tiny green seed between your fingers. Roll it around and look at it from all sides. Nothing would predict what it will look like fully grown with stalks standing tall in the sun and green variegated leaves waving in the wind. Right now it’s just a seed. If your business needs to plant seeds Wizard of Ads partners can help them grow to full maturity. I’m the old guy who loves to gather a great team to make that happen.

Adam Donmoyer

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Are you smart, or wise? Roy Williams wrote, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” In my years working at the home office I learned from the Wizard himself. Working with me is a wise decision.

Jerry Cassandro

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Be the company your customers think of first and feel best about. Your message must cut through the clutter, grab your listeners attention and touch a felt need. I can show you how to make your ads work, lets talk!

Stephen Worden

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Projects succeed when there is top-down buy-in, great leadership, clarity of vision, and adequate resources. I make certain each of those elements are present before we start…ANYTHING. It’s cool.

Anthony Oldham

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If you don't know where to start, I'm the one who made a living managing a team of consultants in growing our clients' businesses. Let me put a team together just for you.

Joe Hamilton


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I’m all about the end result. There are many ways to get a deal done. The way that gets you the very best deal is the very best way.

Steve Sorenson

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Your small business is my element; focusing on being productive instead of just being busy is easy when you've got someone to help you weed out the unnecessary and enhance the crucial.