Project Description

Micke DuBil
Micke DuBilAdvertising Consultant, Creative Development
Email: [email protected]
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $1.5M-$3.0M Yearly Revenue

Who I Can Help:

According to Porsche USA, 61% of 911s sold are either black, white, or grey. Six out of ten Porsche owners spend near $150K to not be noticed. Yiikes!

I’m looking for the driver of that BeeSting Yellow Carrera with matching brake calipers.

Why? Because people out there are blowing themselves up to get attention. What chance do you have against competition like that? I am your chance. I hold the key to a ride that will take us past fantastic horizons to enchanted kingdoms with dragons made of Nutello and white satin maidens who look like Taylor Swift.

I am looking for that decision maker and check signer who is not afraid of attention. Not afraid to be noticed. Because not being noticed is a non-stop ticket to Snoozeville, TX.

I’m looking for someone who likes to kick up a little tire smoke.

Is this you?

Let’s talk

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Here’s the takeaway from the paragraph above: You have to be fast with your feet. If you have to think about it, if you have to discuss it with your spouse, somebody else will be leading your category while we’re still talking about it.

If you have to take a poll to find consensus, that, too, is not going to work. Maybe your secretary doesn’t want to dress like a chicken; that’s no reason to scuttle a brilliant ad campaign.

Speaking of animals: You must have a sense of humor, and a sense of abandon. We don’t know what else lurks in that enchanted kingdom. Maybe it’s a talking cow. Or a (Yiikes!) Chihuahua. We don’t know what Taylor Swift keeps for pets. If you come on like you sleep in a bathtub of Jell-O, you’re not going to be happy. And we’re not going to fit.

But all is not lost. Click back a page. There’s a lady on there holding a bird. She seems reasonable

What I Do For Clients:

Micke wrote and said he was going on a dangerous mission to Afghanistan and he’d write when he got back. He hasn’t written since; but we’re holding his space and hope for his triumphant return and payment of his bar tab.