Project Description

Tom Wanek
Tom WanekStrategy, Media Buying, Copywriting
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $1 million+ Yearly Revenue

Is your business stuck?

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Who I Can Help:

Business owners with commitment and passion—regardless of your business category.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Do you make decisions by committee? Are you a shiny-object chaser? Lazy, grumpy or rude? Bad at what you do? Hit the road.

What I Do For Clients:

I get your business “unstuck” and move your gosh darn sales curve upward!

Growth begins with a proper marketing plan. This involves meeting with you—in person—to uncover essential facts about you, your business and competitive market.

Why begin with strategy?

I know. I know. You want some of those “magical ads,” right? Well, at the heart of every successful ad campaign lies a powerful strategy—a focal point or axis around which all else revolves. That said, once your marketing plan is in place, we can move to tactics. You know—things like message development, media buying, copywriting, etc.

Success Stories:

My work for a medical weight-loss clinic in California resulted in a 142% increase in physician referrals, and a 62.8% increase in patient referrals —- all without spending a single penny on mass media advertising.

After languishing three consecutive years with declining sales, one HVAC company hired me to direct its marketing and advertising efforts. The result: revenue grew 54% our first full year working together.

An ad written for a jewelry client was responsible for more than $400,000 in sales for a single month.


I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Tom on three web writing projects over past few years. He’s professional, organized and detailed. Best of all, he always has a knack for writing vivid, razor sharp copy that aligns the unique features of our properties with the desires of our buyers. My advice: If you have the chance, hire Tom to write your copy!
Park Wilson, Owner/Co-Founder, Emerging Terrains
Tom’s ability to write great copy, combined with its knowledge of marketing, branding and business strategy has added tremendous value to our company. The copy they provided has helped us reach new customers. The authenticity of their writing helps us to build trusting relationships with these customers much faster than our previous efforts.
Ed Skimin, Owner, Emerge, Inc.
In an effort to show gratitude to our clients, our company invited Tom Wanek to present new marketing and advertising ideas and concepts that they could use in their businesses. We met with Tom once before the seminar and explained our desired outcomes for the day. He met all our expectations for the day, and six months later our clients are still talking about the concepts they learned. Tom presented himself professionally in appearance and preparation as he discussed his material. He captivated our clients’ attentions for more than four hours of presentations and discussions. Our clients have high expectations for how we do business and what we offer them, and Tom delivered on those expectations. We appreciate the value that Tom brought to our clients and would have him back again if the opportunity arose.
Doug Myer, General Manager, WDAC Radio Company