Farming Versus Fishing

It’s attractive to fish for customers, reeling in a huge catch with flashy sales. But only farmers can create a bumper crop of future revenue.


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Repurpose The Proven

The proven “Mother’s Day macaroni” ads were sappy and flowery, but man, did they work. Right up until they didn’t.

Time Is The Great Validator

A “measure everything!” mentality eventually means nothing matters beyond making the cash register ring within 30 seconds of transmission.

Journalism and Great Ads

Never write ads like a journalist, write like a poet. The best ads build curiosity and engagement while leaving some things unanswered.

Beefsteak and T-Bone

Brands can manufacture a nickname or shorthand that sticks through smart placement. But don’t approach it like George Costanza.

Outrunning The Bear

They’re going to buy from someone. It’s just a matter of getting them to prefer you. And some connection beats no connection.

Show, Don’t Tell

At best, hard data gets used to justify an action that is taken because of emotional instincts. First you need storytelling and bonding.

Never Train On The Nerve

Leave some in the tank. All that extra “messaging” you want to stuff in the ad ends up trying the patience and goodwill of your audience.

9 Dangerous SEO Myths

MYTH 5: META KEYWORDS ARE CRUCIAL. Nope. At worst, they can actually get you marked as spam by search engines.