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Do You Trust Me?

You’ll earn respect if you give it. But what if you can’t trust a colleague or employee to perform in the best interests of the team?

The hand of God

Time stopped at 9:22. I was in the middle of a presentation to a group of entrepreneurs. CLICK, the clock stopped.

Marketing in a crisis

Everything you know about business will be challenged. The time for having fun and farting around is over. You will be a Phoenix or a pile of ashes.

Today’s New Branding

New branding is about having a point of view, sticking to it, and having the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Not Just What, But When

When it comes time to buy, the customer’s priorities change. She might well buy from whichever store offers same-day delivery and installation.

The 6 Objections In Sales

When we understand that objections come from 1 of 6 things that are missing, we are better equipped to fill the appropriate void. The trick is to read between the lines.

What time is it?

Some of you are trying to achieve a goal. That goal has an aspect of time. To double the sales volume by 2025… To buy our biggest competitor by the end of year…

Curiosity did not kill the cat

Why do some customers not buy from you? Be like that two-year-old and constantly ask why. Discover answers no one has before, and you’ll find profound truths to your whys.

No assholes allowed

Remove the poison quickly and surgically. Although they’re high performers bringing in new money, they’re rotting it one asshole move at a time.

Strategy Vs. Culture

Anyone can copy your STRATEGY, but no one can copy your CULTURE. It is unique to your business and your business alone.

Middle Truth

The hero’s truth is glory, conquest, and protection. The villain’s truth (competitor) is glory, conquest, and protection. Your villain does not see himself as a villain. In his story, you are the villain.

It’s natural

Natural ain’t gonna cut it. There are too many businesses waving that stick in the air. You need a strong competitive advantage that is uncopiable.

Selling like Herb Tarlic

“We will match the price of our competitors on any similar product.” With one sentence, he converted us from relational buyers to transactional ones.

My Idiot Friends

Stories are memorable, cherished, and shareable because of imperfection. A good ad writer creates attraction to imperfection.

The Beast Unchained

Addictions come in all colours. I believe all of us have a beast pacing back and forth, waiting for an opportunity to break the chain.

Reason To Bond

You know my mother’s parents. Well, at least you know their type of people, because you can’t leave their house without being full.

SUPERbowl vs SuperBORE

Professional sports now revolve around storylines. Business is about stories too. They glue us to the game and keep us wanting more.