The Anatomy of an Offer

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Vagaries and loopholes are the enemy. Specifics and clarity are your best friends. If you’re putting a special offer out there, do the things that make offers work.

Cubicalls: Press Pause

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"Is this that transactional-relational thing?" “I think so. Her business should be relational." “Why?" "We’ve been taking Buffy to our groomer for 10 years. You ever bathed and brushed a Bichon? Our groomer isn’t the cheapest. But I never miss an appointment."

Your Coupons Are Lying To You

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4 families in 5 use coupons, but not because the coupon instigated the purchase. Rather, they use the coupon because there was a coupon to be used.

About That Price

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“The only thing people care about is the lowest price.” This is the rejoinder I most often hear when a business doesn’t see any value in advertising (much less marketing). This confounded me for many years until I realized advertising wasn’t the problem.

Targeting Through Ad Copy

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Attract the kind of clients who will see your business as a blessing. Clients that prefer you to the point of willingly paying a premium for the privilege.

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