Our income rises
only when yours

We’re not paid according to how much you spend.
We’re paid according to how much you grow.

You’re good at what you do. So are we.

Knowledge is Profit.

Incentives Matter.

Ad Agencies: make a percentage of every dollar you spend.
Ad Agencies: earn more when you spend more.
Ad Agencies: bill by the hour.
Incentives: the more money you spend and the less efficiently they work, the more they earn.

Our best interests are tied to your best interests.

Our incentives are linked only to your growth.
You don’t need an ad agency. You need some Wizard of Ads™ Partners.

Wizard of Ads™ Partners: charge a one-time, upfront engagement fee followed by a flat-rate monthly fee. We don’t charge by the hour. We get a raise only if your business does better than it did last year.

In fact, if your business shrinks this year (for any reason whatsoever) then we take a pay cut. We’re in your corner all the way. We’re all in.

Incentive: We care only about increasing your revenue. If we get a 58% raise, it’s because we grew your top line by 58%. That becomes our new monthly salary. If we follow that with 62% growth the following year, our new salary is raised by 62%.

That’s why we partner only with business owners we believe in. If you know how to run your business, we know how to advertise it.

Wizard of Ads Partners
Ads Produced
Years of Experience
Our Raise If You Don’t Grow

The Wizard of Ads™ Partners were carefully recruited over a period of 22 years by Roy H. Williams, the founder of the group.

Regardless of which partner you hire to be your key contact person, they will assemble a team of specialists to serve your account, each partner carefully chosen for their skills in overcoming precisely the challenges you face.

Contact a partner. Begin a conversation. Pay them for a day of their time.

Prepare to be amazed.

Reach out to a partner and see if you’re a good fit.