Who’s In Charge?

2023-09-21T20:23:43+00:00By |

Things can get complicated with a family business and I cannot stress this enough: RULING BY COMMITTEE DOES NOT WORK.

Your Company: Leaf or Kite?

2023-08-21T18:50:48+00:00By |

A kite can fly. But only when it is bridled to something bigger than itself. It is part of a system that creates lift: A leader with a vision.

What Is Empathy?

2023-08-03T15:03:25+00:00By |

Cognitive Empathy is like a map of the terrain. Emotional Empathy is like stepping into the forest without a map.

Why I Got Fired

2023-08-03T15:19:04+00:00By |

In a little over 18 months, top of mind awareness jumped 550%. And I was fired. And I deserved it.

The Bump Free Zone

2023-08-03T15:30:10+00:00By |

Growing your company should be fun, and it should feel good. Like giving up my Saturday morning cartoons to place magazines.

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