Talkin’ ‘Bout Those G-g-g-generations

2021-08-03T15:52:07+00:00By |

BBH Labs, the R&D arm of BBH Advertising in London, developed a “Group Cohesion Score;” a way to determine what groups of people have in common with each other. Their findings are surprising.

The Worth of a Dali

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Confucius told us that. Or did he? Actually, Fred Barnard made up the saying to promote the use of images and called it “a Chinese proverb so that people would take it seriously.”

Everyone You Know (is a liar)

2021-06-08T19:47:59+00:00By |

"NOBODY reads the newspaper." Beware of anybody who speaks in absolutes. Statisticians look for something called a “representative sample.” And you don’t have one (no offence, I’m sure you’re a lovely person).

Three Wise Men Appeared on My Path

2021-05-11T21:33:42+00:00By |

Karen Post gave me the first definition of a brand that did not include colours, style guides, and logos. Brain Tattoos said, “A brand is the STORY embedded in the mind of the market”.

Happiness is a fish YOU can catch.

2021-04-23T18:18:15+00:00By |

Stop worrying about the colour of your logo, the size of your ad, or the shares on Facebook. When it comes to business, your job is to sell happiness. And the best happiness that is long lasting and unbreakable is through the use of Oxytocin.

Naming the Disease

2021-03-05T20:42:40+00:00By |

Nobody knew bad breath was a destructive social ill until Gerard Lambert pointed the blinding spotlight of his ads at the dangers of halitosis as a means of selling Listerine.

It’s Mostly Invisible

2021-01-08T18:16:48+00:00By |

Customers need to like you before they need you. And “like” is mostly invisible. The reasons we do the things we do sit deep in the limbic part of our brains. It’s waaayyy down there. One of the first parts of the brain to form.

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