Media Agnosticism

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From matchbook covers to skywriting, it all works. Which is why you have to approach it all with Media Agnosticism. If somebody in your affinity group tells you they had success with direct mail, ask to see the piece. It matters. 

The Most Powerful Words Are Unspoken

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When you say it in your ad, the audience is as likely to dismiss it as accept it. When you cause the audience to say it in their heads, it’s automatically, unquestionably accepted.

Story —> Attention —> Sale (Part 1)

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If you try to buy attention without a story, you’ll strike out. This is what happens to most advertising and marketing efforts. People buy “exposure” via advertising and presume that they’ve also purchased attention...

Make the Logo Smaller?

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Advertising creatives and graphic designers groan at a client request to “make the logo bigger.” And both the request and the reaction are entirely understandable.

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