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The Wizard of Digital Gary’s Internet experience extends back to guestbooks and site visitor counters and version one of the browsers (remember Netscape). He was doing Internet marketing before Adwords was a thing, and you could buy clicks for a penny. Gary’s clients are blown away by their success on mobile.

The end of the journey

2023-10-13T14:54:40+00:00By |

You train your people to deliver the best service that you can provide. But have you optimized the end of the journey?

Strange Limiting Beliefs

2023-10-13T14:54:56+00:00By |

The strangest belief I see nowadays is, "I love my digital person; can I keep using them" when they don't know what's under the hood.

What About SEO?

2023-10-13T14:56:16+00:00By |

A business owner says "I want to show up when someone is looking for a plumber. Shouldn’t we use the “near me” expression because it’s up 500%?" But aggregators that sell leads are dominating the SEO and PPC wars.

GeoTarget or GeoFence? That is the question.

2023-10-13T14:56:35+00:00By |

You can decide to target: People who are regularly in your targeted location (i.e., they work or live in that area) People searching in that area, or People that are just in or show interest in that area.

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