Bingeing Boredom – when you can no longer stay in front of your TV, brought on from excessive bingeing due to a lack of other entertainment.

Netflix Neverland – you might feel like you have reached the end of Netflix. All the new content appears to have subtitles. You’re up to date on all your regular shows, and you begin to wonder if you really should watch it again? Also known as Netflix Nevergating – while navigating on Netflix and not finding anything that you want to watch.

Social Scrolling – brought on by bingeing boredom where you go to social media to find something new, entertaining, or exciting, hopefully. And find yourself scrolling through a bunch of repetitive uninteresting junk and news you’ve already sick of.

There is only so much Netflix anyone can watch before becoming bored out of their mind. Bingeing will lead to boredom and a desire for something new and refreshing. So you grab your phone and flip through social media to see what’s neat, fresh, and different.

You have the time now; therefore, you have no excuse not to create the content. Now is the time to invest in making engaging video content, take pictures, and write a bunch of great blog posts. Share them out on social media platforms.

The key to success will be how entertaining they are.

“Entertainment is the currency with which we buy time and the attention of a too busy public.” — Roy H. Williams

The enemy is boredom; therefore, ignore the topic of the day.

Tell them one of your stories, give them some alternative drama, or make them laugh with a bit of comedy, or provide them with a new insight.

People are researching because they have time and are bored. Fulfill their curiosity and desire to be transformed in the future. Show them their new RV, future renovation, or vacation. Take the time to explain to them everything that happens during a tune-up.

Invest in your future by talking to their future. Help people take a mental vacation. Please give them the distraction they are searching for.

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