The best advice I’ve received on social media is that you are talking to one person at a time.

Social media is consumed typically by one person at a time. One person watching a YouTube video. One person checking their stories, feeds, or reels.

Unlike a talk show host or a news person on TV, you’re not talking to an audience. You’re talking to one person at a time.

Now, let’s change the language from person to fan. They are not subscribers or followers. They are fans of your content.

You’re talking to one fan at a time.

It’s much more intimate. Can you be more intimate with your fans?

What are you willing to share with your fans? Are you ready to share your successes – of course, your failures? Hmmm… not sure. Are you willing to laugh with your fans and laugh at yourself? Would you post a blooper reel?

If you want to connect with your fans, you need to show them a well-rounded character, and they need to feel like they know you over time, even though they’ve never met you. This level of connection is called parasocial influence, and you can learn more about that from my partner, Jeff, in this article.

To grow your engagement on social media, which will increase your followers and ultimately give you a bigger fan base, you need to speak intimately to one fan at a time. You need to become a well-rounded, authentic character that your fans can fall in love with. To learn more about evolving your character, start with this article from Jeff.

We always say, “You can buy the time and attention of a distracted and busy public with entertainment.”

Your character needs to entertain its fans.

It needs to engage one fan at a time.

Get intimate in your videos and pictures, make them authentic, get vulnerable, and write the post as if speaking to one person.

If you do this, your engagement and fan base will increase because you’ve given them a reason to be a fan.