Everyone You Know (is a liar)

2021-06-08T19:47:59+00:00By |

"NOBODY reads the newspaper." Beware of anybody who speaks in absolutes. Statisticians look for something called a “representative sample.” And you don’t have one (no offence, I’m sure you’re a lovely person).

The Exaggerations that Tell the Truth

2021-03-31T18:49:43+00:00By |

The more we treasure something, the higher our emotions run in relation to it. Tell a mother how ugly her baby really is and you’ll see what I mean. And this is a very useful phenomenon for the ad writer.

Not a Farmer? Check Your Heart!

2021-01-29T15:57:46+00:00By |

Dear Intrepid Entrepreneur, if you have the heart of a farmer, you're already a success. What? Explain! On Super Sunday, February 3, 2013, Dodge aired this legendary ad. Take two minutes and listen.

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