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Advertising, you will find, is applied science. I can prove it. Watch out for those people who tell you that advertising is an art. Chances are they flunked science. For a systematic approach to growth check out my books: Fishing for Customers and Reeling Them In The Referred Customer: Draw More to Your Store with Story-Driven Word Of Mouth Or simply email me directly.

Media’s Dirty Little Secret

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I’m constantly amazed by all of the media reps from all of the different media outlets that can help your advertising to “reach the right people.” Because they all reach the same people.

The Worth of a Dali

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Confucius told us that. Or did he? Actually, Fred Barnard made up the saying to promote the use of images and called it “a Chinese proverb so that people would take it seriously.”

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