Do you really mean everyone? 

Yes. Everyone.

Well, that’s just ‘cause mass media isn’t really targetable, right?  


Why would you want to advertise to people who couldn’t possibly buy your product? 

Because FAME drives outsized business results for advertising, and FAME means everybody. As in EVERRRRYOOONE!

But don’t you mean everybody in the category? ‘Cause you can be famous just among a subculture. Like Ping golf clubs being famous to golfers but unknown to, say, Teens. 

Low levels of fame, but really famous brands win big precisely BECAUSE people who will never buy their products know about them.

Take Porsche.  Half the pleasure of owning and driving one is precisely because the vast majority of the people you pass — people who will never own that car — know exactly how awesome and expensive it is.

In fact, Porsche advertising understands that point quite well:

And here’s a real-life example of the same dynamic:


So, yes. You want your mass media branding ads to reach everybody. What most people think of as “the wasted part” of mass media ads often works wonders.

But for that to happen, your ads have to “speak to” — i.e., engage — everyone that hears or views them, rather than just the tiny percentage of people “in the market.”

Do your ads do that?

If not, now’s probably a good time to get yourself a better advertising team.