Not a Farmer? Check Your Heart!

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Dear Intrepid Entrepreneur, if you have the heart of a farmer, you're already a success. What? Explain! On Super Sunday, February 3, 2013, Dodge aired this legendary ad. Take two minutes and listen.

When Will My Ads Start Working?

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Few business owners advertise long enough to see the results of their investment. They’ll pull up the seed and throw it to the side. Nothing ever grows! And that’s a good thing for you.

Media Agnosticism

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From matchbook covers to skywriting, it all works. Which is why you have to approach it all with Media Agnosticism. If somebody in your affinity group tells you they had success with direct mail, ask to see the piece. It matters. 

Is Your Targeting Bass Ackwards?

2020-06-25T19:44:05+00:00By |

For example, let’s say that, through targeted media, I could reach 10 of my ideal, target customers for $10 a piece. Or, I could reach 100 customers for $1 a piece, but only 20% of them would be my ideal customer.

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