When I learned about limiting beliefs, I started looking for what was holding me back. Unfortunately, it is never easy to see your limiting beliefs in the mirror; however, those around you can see them.

The strangest belief I see nowadays is, “I love my digital person; can I keep using them.” We hear this when someone comes to us and wants to engage the Wizard of Ads partners.

What I find crazy is that this belief is backed up purely by emotion and is devoid of logic.

When we ask to see the last monthly reports produced by the digital person, they don’t exist. When we ask to see the running digital ads, we get, “That’s proprietary. We can’t share those.”

Why does your digital person get defensive when you ask to see what they have been doing for you? Of course, the answer is that you’ve caught them neglecting you.

They become threatened by the basic questions you are asking. But, wait a minute, you love these people? Right?

Do you love them because it is easier to believe they have the best interest of your business at heart instead of growing their own business? Or. Do you love them because no news is good news? Or out of sight, out of mind (they’ve got it covered)? Please help me understand it because it makes no sense to me – you are paying money but don’t know what these people are doing for you or your business.

The digital world is constantly changing. What worked six months ago does work today. And, unfortunately, what worked a year ago doesn’t work today. So if you haven’t had a digital strategy or ad review in a while, then you probably have a problem. Remember, they’re just a vendor, and you’re paying for performance, or are you? Like my friend Roy always says, “If you need a friend, buy a dog.”

One of the things that attracted me to becoming a Wizard of Ads partner is that we are paid based on performance. Therefore, my business grows when my clients succeed. I love this alignment. It encourages us to say you may want to reduce your digital spending. Move that part of the marketing budget elsewhere because it will generate better results for you. But, of course, no digital weasel will ever say that.

Because the digital weasel’s status with Google or Facebook is based upon how much their clients spend.

Everyone I’ve told: “Wait,…Really?”

Me: “Yuh Huh.”

It’s the same as the Gold AC dealer selling more units than the Silver dealer. Every industry ranks its partners based on the amount of business they are doing. The digital marketing industry is no different.

Do yourself a favor. First, call that digital person you love so much, and ask them to review last month’s reports with you. The second thing, get them to share some of the best and worst-performing ads with you. Finally, ask them what’s changed in the last six months and how they are working that to your advantage. If you leave the conversation confused or feel in the dark because none of it makes sense, then they are not helping you.

I still have many strange limiting beliefs, some I know about, and others are hidden from me, much to my frustration. So, if you love your digital person even though they are not living up to their contract, I’d love to know why; send me an email: gary@wizardofads.com.

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