Do you dream of comfort? Do you hope that fixing one thing in your business will allow you to move on to the next?

Have you ever said? If only I had [Fill in the blank], my life would be so much easier, and then I could focus on growth. Or, I wish things would just settle down and stabilize for a while. Then I could prepare myself and the business for the next round of growth.

You may have heard things like, “Speak it into existence.” Or “You are the story you tell yourself.” or “Self-talk is important.” The good news is that they are all true. The bad news is that you need to be careful what you say to yourself.

The reality is the growth of your business will never be comfortable. Your business will never go according to plan. People will leave you when you think you need them most. And, you’ll never have everything just line up as it should. Because shit happens, my friend. So, therefore, you have to ask yourself all the time, what problem do I really want to solve?

Do I want to find a solution to the problem, or do I want to make the problem bigger? What would happen if you invited more discomfort into your life?

What if you created more discomfort by doubling your sales leads? How motivated would you be to solve the problem then? How creative would you get trying to solve the problem?

Breaking your business in a big way requires more drastic and frantic action to solve the problem and usually results in pushing that area of your business to the next level, not just slapping on another band aid.

Because growing your business is great, but growth also sucks because of the problems it creates. So, it’s just two sides of the same coin. So why not make the problems more uncomfortable? Why not force yourself and your business to that next level? Why not dream of discomfort?

I dream of having more leads and more sales. I wish we were just constantly in scrambly f*** mode because we just can’t keep up. And I expect my business to grow like wildfire.

These are the dreams of rapidly growing businesses, the dreams of discomfort! The dreams of millionaires.

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