100% applicable for Accounting, Legal, Massage Therapy, and other practices.

A webinar presented to the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OSTCAN) on November 6th, 2020, by Gary Bernier.

In this presentation, learn how you should model your practice (business) for success? How to ensure you have multiple marketing pillars working generating leads—a sales system for converting the leads into business. And a delivery system for making good on the promises made in marketing and sales.

Notice I didn’t say operations. In my world, there is no such thing. Operations should be called the sales prevention department. Operations never see their job as delivering on promises. They see exceptions and problems. What they fail to realize is without sales, you don’t need them. I encourage you to eliminate it from your vocabulary and switch to delivery. Yes, accounting is part of delivery. They touch the customer.

Waiting for a prospect to call you.

Waiting Game Marketing

You are doing waiting game marketing if you are waiting for people to find you or be referred to you. Typically you are waiting for someone to need what you do, and then you are hoping they choose you from the available options.

Below is a list of Waiting Game Marketing techniques

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Search Advertising (Microsoft Bing Ads)
  • Content Marketing/Blogging
  • Putting a sign on the building
  • Wrapping a vehicle
  • Aggregators (Yelp, HomeStars/HomeAdvisor)
  • Google My Business (Google Maps)

100% Uncontrollable. You can’t control how many people are searching per hour per day in your area. You can’t control how many leads or referrals you’ll get.

Businesses that employ ONLY Waiting Game Marketing techniques feel like the best-kept secret. They suffer from the unpredictable lead flow.

formula for growth

Megaphone Marketing – Magical Growth Formula

Megaphone Marketing

You are proactively telling people:

  1. You Exist
  2. What you do
  3. How it benefits them.

You are delivering your message to the largest audience possible repeatedly.

You are turning the tables, getting someone looking for you, not what you do.

It is 100% controllable.

Below is a list of Megaphone Marketing techniques

  • Putting flyers under windshield wipers (constantly)
  • Putting door knockers on or flyers in mailboxes (regularly)
  • Running a regular ad in the local newspaper (for all twelve months)
  • Networking with anyone that could use your service
  • Direct mail to key neighborhoods (three-step multi-part)
  • Social Media posting, Social Media Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising

Repetition is the key to success. Wizard of Ads clients focus on the long term and commit to media for a year at a time.

The failing of ONE

Sending one piece of mail, putting out flyers once, going to one networking meeting, running one ad. One never works! Most practices, accounting, legal, osteopathic, massage therapy, can’t predict when someone will need their service. You then have to broadcast continually we exist, and this is what we do and how it is going to help them.

“Smart advertisers make no attempt to predict the moment of the customer’s need but buy enough repetition to ensure they will immediately spring to mind whenever such need arises.”


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