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Are you barely whispering your message? Even amazing ads won’t make an impact without the right share of voice. You’ve got to turn up the reach and frequency volume if you want to talk loud and draw a crowd. And if you don’t have buckets of ad budget cash to waste on over-paying for media, you’ll want to make Joe Hamilton your secret weapon. Joe is widely recognized as the best media negotiator in North America, famous for making $1 spend like $100 for his clients.

Bonding Not Branding

2023-10-16T15:21:51+00:00By |

Let me tell you a cool story I think you’ll like — one that taught me the most powerful advertising lesson I’ve ever learned. See, when the radio-thon rolled around, my client put his personal money where his mouth had always been.

The 7 Most Common Media Buying Mistakes

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Buyers are traditionally incentivized by media reps through overseas trips, cruises, event tickets, “golfcations,” etc. Even if YOU haven’t been bribed by these things, that doesn’t mean your buyer hasn’t.

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