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Rick Nicholson is a multi unit business owner and partner at Wizard of Ads. He looks at marketing from the perspective of relationships, corporate beliefs and most importantly its effect on sales. If you want to want to know how he can help you, he can be reached at ricknicholson@wizardofads.com.

Get the kid a Grammy

2023-10-13T19:47:09+00:00By |

The batter flopped around on the ground like a salmon. Tyler, from shortstop, yells out, “Get the kid a Grammy. He’s acting the hell out of it.”

Chaos is a pattern

2023-10-13T19:47:43+00:00By |

The chaos of advertising is a repeatable success formula when you know how to identify the patterns. The real issue is what is said.

Once upon a time…

2023-10-13T19:45:32+00:00By |

Great stories have three principal roles: hero, victim, and villain. These roles need to be filled: Prince Charming, Stepmother, and Cinderella.

The key to happiness

2023-10-13T19:45:41+00:00By |

This year’s team only has two returning players from last year. One of them is my son. He thinks I’m full of crap.

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