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Rick Nicholson is a multi unit business owner and partner at Wizard of Ads. He looks at marketing from the perspective of relationships, corporate beliefs and most importantly its effect on sales. If you want to want to know how he can help you, he can reached at [email protected].

The Custodian of Hospitality

2022-01-14T16:07:12+00:00By |

Covid-19’s impact on business and the decisions needed for survival are Frostian. But don’t lose your way. Survival depends on Frostian decisions.

They wanna lock up Big Don

2022-01-04T15:07:50+00:00By |

Donny is so popular in his town folks set up a Facebook page in his honor. The old woman next door doesn’t like him. Actually, she hates him.

The Poet and the Engineer

2021-12-07T16:34:05+00:00By |

I was an engineer for most of my life. Engineers think logically and rationally but they can't stir desire like a poet. Are your ads written by the poet, or the engineer?

Business lessons from a pro athlete

2021-11-08T15:46:38+00:00By |

Most owners aren't "superstars." But they have a hidden superpower. Discover your superpower amidst the lessons from my friend Jean Hebert, a pro athlete and NHL referee.

Fish when the fish are runnin’

2021-11-01T14:00:46+00:00By |

Morris was Vice President of Marketing of a $50 million business and his favourite saying was, "We go fishin' when the fish are runnin'." But Morris was wrong.

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