The sun sets at quarter past seven on the sixth day of September.

And when that sun sneaks beneath the horizon, we still see her peaking out with her shiny glow teasing us playfully that she may come back.

I started writing with no thought in mind. My fingers wandered around the keyboard thinking about the sun. It’s hot outside. Thank God for air conditioning.
It reminded me of ads I wrote for one of my businesses.

I wrote a series of them in 2019.
They were never produced.
I want to share them with you.

We owned a restaurant on the edge of the ocean.
The food was ok.
The view was spectacular.

The ads never ran because my business partner knew nothing of marketing and wanted to run ads about our address, our hours, our food.

I wanted to sell a romance of dining on the water’s edge, witnessing the glorious end of the day with a sunset.

We disagreed on the strategy.
I sold my shares a year later. And the words slept through the pandemic.

So here are a few of my ads. Hope you enjoy them.

Sit and give your thoughts wings
Feel the sun wash away your troubles
As the ocean gives meaning
With its soft laughter embracing you like a long-lost friend
A sunset speaks confidence, strength, beauty
Flashes of color in the sky warm your soul like a mother’s touch
Quietness gives meaning
Life can be difficult
A sunset is that whispering voice you seek
Everything is going to be ok.
Give your gaze a drink to the horizon
Soak up the magic.
With nature’s grand love affair
As the ocean’s lips touch the sunset’s cheeks
Just another poetic day at Paturel Shorehouse.

The beating heart of a butterfly
The sea ripples a wave against the sands of the beach, barely touching your toes.
The fresh embrace pulls your thoughts as you squeal like a child in delight.
Off in the distance are two lovers holding hands as the sunset’s lips touch the ocean’s cheek at the close of another day.
Just another poetic day at Paturel Shorehouse.

As the dust settles at the close of the day, her shimmering light fades with the soft beat of the ocean’s drums against the sand-soaked beach.
A kiss, a gentle embrace, a simple touch. Seemingly meaningless as it happens every day.
Meaningful magic it offers to she who bears witness.
You’ll be captured by the lover’s spell after you witness the ocean’s kiss on the sunset’s cheek at Paturel Shorehouse.

You’re standing at the edge of the beach.
A seagull caws, a child giggles, the waves trickle like a warm bath.
There’s a smell. It’s not the ocean or the salt. It’s the smell of peace.
The reassuring feeling that everything is going to be ok. You look over the water and you witness the sky as it lights fireworks of blues and oranges, celebrating nature’s grand love affair. And there it is, you see nature’s embrace as the sunset’s lips settle on the ocean’s cheek. Witness this for yourself at Paturel’s Shorehouse.
Bring a camera.
We’ll have dinner afterward to celebrate.

Roy Williams talks about brandable chunks in advertising.
In these ads, we used the following:

Sunset’s lips settle on the ocean’s cheek
Celebrate nature’s grand love affair
Warmth of nature’s embrace
You’ll squeal with delight
Your eyes will devour the grand love affair
You’ll be captured by the lover’s spell

I wrapped the ads around the idea of poetry and sunsets.

The most exciting thing about the restaurant was the view.
You smell the breeze as it washes over your face.
You hear the gulls when you quiet your mind.

A good ad brings the customer into the moment.
They witness what you describe.

Walking on the beach at sunset and holding hands with a lover is cliché, thanks to Harlequin.
My love affair comes from a different angle.
We don’t think the romantic embrace is the sun and the ocean.

My ex-business partner didn’t understand the food was secondary to the view.
The view brings the customers. They stay for the food because it gives them permission to stay longer.

Explore what’s the one thing you have that no one else has.
Leverage it, highlight it, expose it, brag it, flaunt it, pound it, scream it, play it over and over again.

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