The process of thinking creatively is not easy for most.

The problem is not architectural. You have everything you need to be creative.
It’s procedural.

Let me explain using a body part that looks the same but is not equal.

Your arms do not have equal strength.
When lifting a heavy object, you automatically shift to the dominant arm.

I was hit by a car in 2017 while walking through a parking lot.
Fast forward five years, the doctor explained the accident caused cubital tunnel syndrome. The ulnar nerve is causing pain to my ring finger, pinky, and elbow on my right arm/hand.

I’m right-handed.

Lifting 50 pounds with my right hand is painful. And the left arm isn’t as strong nor as comfortable to use.

Your brain has the same issue.

For most of childhood, you went to school to learn. The focus was on training the brain in math, science, and health.

Music, dance, and art were there, but were pushed further to the sidelines as children grew up.

The left brain grew strong.
The right brain sat on the bench, playing with her loose marbles.

If you’re in a boring job making widgets all day, the left brain is all that’s needed to perform the task.
But if you’re asked for a creative solution to a widget-making problem, you’ll struggle. When the right brain should be called off the bench, the left brain is given the task.

The left brain is strong. He loves procedures. But he lacks the marbles.

The left brain observes what others do in the widget industry.
He reads industry reports. Asks experts. Researches on YouTube, Google, and ChatGPT.

The right brain laughs. She knows the answer is in the marbles.
What makes bees loyal to their queen?
How does a spider make a web?
Are trees trying to reach the sun?
Does a blade of grass have a soul?
If Davinci was alive, how would he approach this problem?
Can I dance my way to a solution?

The right answers are not important. You can’t use Google.
The answer comes from dreaming of “what ifs,” “why nots,” and “maybes.”

The right brain playing with her marbles looks like she’s farting around.
She’s not good at making widgets.
That’s the left brain’s job.

We celebrate right brain thinking.
That’s why we have the Guggenheim, Louvre, Oscars, and New York Symphony Orchestra.

Right-brain thoughts are not embraced by educators and industry.
It’s pushed aside for the weirdos, oddballs, and wingnuts who like to play with marbles.

The left brain can’t lift a 50-pound weight of creativity.

Creativity lives with curiosity.

Your creativity is dependent on your ability to be curious.

Here’s my curiosity about a famous character in advertising history.

Is the Most Interesting Man in the World a combination of James Bond, Chuck Norris, and Ricardo Montalban?

Does Chuck Norris’s mom have a tattoo that says “son”?
Does Chuck break up with danger when the flirting gets boring?
When 007 isn’t drinking martinis, what else might he drink?
Ricardo makes fantasies come true on a magical island. Is it because of his sexy accent or his little friend, Tattoo?

In the voice of the Most Interesting Man in the World, “Stay curious, my friends.”

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