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Rick Nicholson is a multi unit business owner and partner at Wizard of Ads. He looks at marketing from the perspective of relationships, corporate beliefs and most importantly its effect on sales. If you want to want to know how he can help you, he can reached at ricknicholson@wizardofads.com.

Love is a game of catch.

2023-10-13T19:46:15+00:00By |

Understand your customer, and you will never sell to them. They will buy from you over and over again because you care about them.

What a fool believes

2023-10-13T19:46:35+00:00By |

The gatekeeper job does not belong to Facebook or Twitter. You are the gatekeeper. Keep fools away from your airwaves.

The hand of God

2023-10-13T19:51:19+00:00By |

Time stopped at 9:22. I was in the middle of a presentation to a group of entrepreneurs. CLICK, the clock stopped.

Marketing in a crisis

2023-10-13T19:51:27+00:00By |

Everything you know about business will be challenged. The time for having fun and farting around is over. You will be a Phoenix or a pile of ashes.

It’s the economy, stupid.

2023-10-13T19:51:37+00:00By |

In 2004 my boss excused our poor sales performance on the Iraq war. Before that, it was a hurricane. And before that, it was the dot com bubble.

What time is it?

2023-10-13T19:51:55+00:00By |

Some of you are trying to achieve a goal. That goal has an aspect of time. To double the sales volume by 2025… To buy our biggest competitor by the end of year…

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