As you navigate over the ocean of life, you learn lessons that help get you to safe harbour when storms are on the horizon.

If you don’t learn the lessons, your hull gets slammed, your sails rip, and masts break like toothpicks.

Boats can’t handle too many consecutive storms before being ripped apart and sent to the bottom of the bay. Surviving a storm requires a full inspection. Only a fool would leave her in the ocean without expecting disaster.

Fools keep doing the same thing.

You’re no fool.

Fools don’t think for themselves.

They make up stories and relate them as facts.

They spend 30 minutes on the internet and tell everyone they have done their research.

Fools troll Facebook groups, Reddit, and chat rooms, sharing their infinite wisdom.

Fools love spewing their infinite wisdom by sharing their opinions,

You’re no fool.

Neither am I. That’s why you won’t see me posting opinions on social media.

Back in 1985, my Gramma advised me to stop reading my aunt’s tabloids. It would rot my brain.

Social media, the internet, and some television news channels are so heavily opinionated, it’s starting to resemble The Star or the Enquirer 30 years ago.

It makes me angry. It shouldn’t, but it does.

So, where did the divide begin?

Is it social unrest caused by COVID?

Is it anger stemming from fear?

Is it the fear of Russian or Chinese aggression?

Is it a mirror of a personal bias? Watch the Social Dilemma if you want to dive deeper into how Google, Facebook, and others target messages to their users.

What if the truth is entangled in all the potential answers?

What if a perfect storm is brewing off the coast, and our boats aren’t ready?

Never in my lifetime did I think I would see so much social unrest in North America.

Fools used to call the radio stations to spread nonsense. The operator wouldn’t give them the megaphone, so the message fell to the fool’s friends.

Fools used to write to newspapers. Editors protected the public from publishing their trash.

Sometimes free speech is plain bullshit.

Censorship sounds bad. The megaphone doesn’t need another fool.

When it comes to social media, it’s never been free.

Free comes at a price. If you’re not paying for it, someone else is.

Fools are banging down the gate. Their foolish thoughts broadcast to the rest of us.

Their punishment is a 30-day Facebook jail term.

It’s right in front of us.





  1. a silly or foolish person.

A hundred years from now, our future generations will laugh at us. They used Twitter. “They were a bunch of twits,” they will think.

Social media are powerful tools. As more people use them for garbage spewing pedestals, their potential has lost my attention.

The gatekeeper job does not belong to Facebook or Twitter.

You are the gatekeeper.

Keep fools away from your airwaves. And free from your hearts.

If you choose to use the Twitter, use it in a positive way. Use it as a tool to spread joy, happiness, and encouragement.

If you don’t, it’ll rot your brain.

P.S. I now bestow Elon Musk the title – King of the Twits.

But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems to be
Is always better than nothing
And nothing at all keeps sending him…

-The Doobie Brothers

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