How Does One Educate a Customer? Part 1 of 3

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“Everyone needs our product,” said Bob. “All we need to do is to tell them about it.” He thinks advertising problems in the water supply is an excellent way to attract potential customers to his business.

Business lessons from a pro athlete

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Most owners aren't "superstars." But they have a hidden superpower. Discover your superpower amidst the lessons from my friend Jean Hebert, a pro athlete and NHL referee.

Learning From the Legends: The Ronseal Phrase

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Don’t be deceived by the apparently artless, “just tell it like it is” nature of the ad. The slogan even made it into the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms and was repeatedly used by then-Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Long And Short Of Persuasion

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The wrong question is “Which sells better? Long copy or short copy?" I’m a long copy proponent. That is, I’m opposed to the “nobody will read more than 300 words” school of advertising.

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