Adam Donmoyer
Adam DonmoyerCopywriting, Strategy, Presenting, Media Buying, Jingle Writing

Who I Can Help:

I specialize in owner-operated companies with a story to tell. If you’ve got something to offer that can scratch a genuine itch I will help tell the world all about you.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

If your spirit animal is Eeyore the donkey, then I’m not your guy. If your business is a Blockbuster Video store, you have no ad budget, or you only have the patience of an exhausted toddler at a fancy restaurant, I’m not a good fit.

What I Do For Clients:

Consultants are sometimes guilty of talking too much. I can be verbose – and loud, or so my wife says. But I find that listening is essential. Depending on the clients’ needs, I develop strategies that work, write memorable copy that persuades, and negotiate media schedules that give more reach and repetition than their budget should allow. On rare occasions I’ve also written jingles and done some acting…

Success Stories:

  • I’ve helped grow many established retail and service companies exponentially, and helped establish many new companies over the past decade.
  • Drawing on my theater background, I have presented at meetings and industry shows across the country such as JCK.
  • Chuck Norris had his people reach out to my people because of an ad I wrote. (Ask me why.)
  • Before transitioning to partner I worked at the home office for several years.
  • I still work on some of Roy Williams’ home office accounts.
  • I have a YouTube channel with music and fan videos created with my three sons. It has over 11 million views and counting.
  • I’m a published, award-winning songwriter, and have been featured on Dr. Demento.

Interested? Let’s Talk:

Email me at and let’s set up a time to chat.