Chris Maddock
Chris MaddockAd Consulting, Copywriting, Writing Training
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 1 – 30 mill/yr

"Chris Maddock helped us create 2 hugely successful brands... so far. He's the best copywriter I know."

-Brandon Cason
Former Marketing Director, Deep Eddy Vodka & Waterloo Sparkling Water; Founder, Canteen Spirits

Who I Can Help:

Anybody that needs to make an impact with what they say.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

People or companies that can’t think or have nothing to say.

What I Do For Clients:


From strategy, to copy to implementation, I engineer and produce ad campaigns that get the maximum benefit from a client’s advertising dollars. In nearly all situations, a client has a limited money to market ratio. I develop and implement untraditional strategies designed to move the needle, not just look or sound good.


Everybody’s a writer. This is true every time your company communicates – from emails, to sales decks to presentations. Chris Maddock can make everybody on your team a more succinct, powerful and engaging communicator.

Success Stories:

  • Developed a Radio and TV campaign that helped make Deep Eddy Vodka the fastest growing spirit in the U.S as you’re reading this
  • Designed, wrote and executed the ad campaign that’s made Wedding Day Diamonds the largest chain of jewelry stores in Minnesota
  • Helped train teams at Dell, Home Away, Clear Channel, Time Warner and many other top companies to produce clearer, more powerful copy
  • Have trained thousands to write more effectively