Kris Hoots & Steve Thomas
Kris Hoots & Steve ThomasNonprofits and Small Business Growth
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Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Start-up to 15 million

It really is all about relationships.

Relationships with donors. Relationships with customers. Relationships with clients. We’re so serious about it that we even trademarked “it’s all about relationships.” And that’s how we raised over $32 million for our nonprofit clients last year and how we grew our company into a multimillion dollar business.

Who We Can Help:

We specialize in growing small to mid-sized nonprofits.
The strategies that grow restaurants, coffeeshops, gyms and businesses won’t grow your Nonprofit (or Not-For-Profit if you prefer). And the fundraising strategies that worked back in the “good old days” (like waayyy back in 2000) will do nothing but frustrate you, drive off your donors and waste your investment. We raised over $32 million dollars for our clients last year. We get donors.

We know how to grow a small business (for obvious reasons we love family-run businesses). Our ad agency started with the two of us working at our kitchen table and hoping to pay the mortgage. In a few years it grew into a multimillion dollar business with no debt, no investors and sweet year-over-year profit. That causes business owners to ask “how’d you do that?” If you fit us and we fit you, we’ll teach you.

And yep. Hoots and Thomas are married. We’re partners in all things, including your growth.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

We don’t do political or political advocacy nonprofits.
We don’t do single projects for nonprofits (no, we won’t do “just” a donor acquisition mailing).
We can’t help you if you’re going to worry about each month’s income. We focus on growing your overall annual income.

What We Do For Clients:

We get the messaging right. Our Donor Focused Messaging creates donor relationships that make a difference. Our clients who use this messaging have retention rates 15-20% higher than national benchmarks.

We create fundraising messaging that you will be proud of and that your donors will be happy to receive.

We grow your income and your ROI. That comes from great messaging and a deep-dive into your donor analytics to determine what segments of your donor file are responding.

We create donor-specific messaging and asks that honor the donor’s history and generate interest.

We work with start-ups and seasoned nonprofits.

We can do strategic-coaching or we can do full integration (print, digital, donor retention, donor acquisition). We’ll teach and help you do it yourself or we’ll provide the full-meal-deal. Specifically, we do direct mail, websites/microsites, email campaigns, social media, major donor strategies and collateral, event strategies and collateral, branding, donor bonding surveys, data and analytics, and more.