Jacob Harrison
Jacob HarrisonAd Consultant, Campaign Creation, Radio/TV Creative
Email: Jacob.Harrison@WizardOfAds.com
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $1M+ Yearly Revenue

Ads Infinitum

My ad campaigns are client-tailored, character-driven, highly-entertaining and constructed to be a sustainable framework (plot structure) that can contain ever-changing messages and events, ad infinitum.

Who I Can Help:

Business owners who are not only reaaaally gooood at what they do, but also understand who they really are, and just as importantly, who they choose NOT to be.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Business owners just looking for short commitment, or piecemeal copy work. I do write all your words, but I am an advertising consultant FIRST, because the success of any campaign depends upon the veracity of the strategy at its core. Without the correct strategy and a powerful message, the WRITING is largely irrelevant, it won’t work.

What I Do For Clients:

My speciality is creating branding CAMPAIGNS for small and large businesses, which is different from simply writing a great ad. A great ad campaign presents a universe and a story to the public which has a beginning but no end. Ads are the messages presented within the world of your campaign story. The story is delivered by the characters whose personalities embody aspects of the company’s identity, following basically the same rules as a good novel or TV series. The ads become the “episodes,” or the small plot arcs within the larger overarching plot.

The campaign ads I create are extremely effective, largely because unlike most “entertainment-centered” ads, I attempt to connect the entertainment element to the actual Big Idea of the ad, so that the “gag” always supports the message directly. Thus, my ads RETAIN the often lost connection between the object of the joke and the core selling point.

A Few Success Stories:

Miner’s Den Jewelers in Detroit had been flat for three years straight, stuck at just under $5 million. They hired me last year and we grew 20 percent in our first year. BAM! And we are currently on pace to grow another 20 percent or so together this year.

Matt O’Desky, owner of the Austin Diamond Room here in town had also been struggling along, a small business stuck at about a million dollars in sales until we teamed up in 2014. He grew 37.6 percent in our first year. We’re on track for an even BIGGER increase this year.

I’ve been working with Radiant Plumbing and HVAC in Austin since 2011, and with great owners and a fun ad campaign of personality they’ve just been KILLING IT; They exploded 67 percent in 2013, and through controlled growth have grown about 30 percent back to back the last two years.

Red Shovel Landscape is one my favorite campaigns, which we’ve been conducting over the last 7 years in Albuquerque, featuring a Charlie Brown-ish character named “Dan” whose life is constantly being RUINED by his crumby-looking yard. Red Shovel has grown by double digits every year since we started. They grew 14.6 percent last year, having grown 24 percent the previous year.

We launched the Pink Rose Handyman campaign in Rochester, NY in 2011 and we grew 98 percent together in that first year. We were up 24 percent last year, and end 2016 up over 40 percent.

Radio Spot Examples:

TV Spot Examples: