Jane Fraser
Jane FraserWord Wrangler, Identity Intensifier, Media Buyer
Email: janefraser@wizardofads.com
Website: www.wizardofadsatlantic.com
Accepting New Clients: Yes – ready to accept one more client at this time
Client Size Range: Small or Large, We Just Need to Fit

Ready for the ride?

When Jane's curiosity hooks elbows with her intuition, she casts a vast net. She grabs a spade and digs deep. She sifts and discards, gathers and compares, stockpiling a cache of particles deep within the roots of your marketing strategy. She uses the Wizard's tools of particle stack build deep connections, particle conflict to surprise and delight. And she uses evocative mental images that may, momentarily, stop people in their tracks just before they step into your world as self-selected members of your tribe.

Who I Can Help:

You – if you are good at what you do and you are willing to stand out from the crowd;
You – if you have the autonomy (and the courage) to make decisions and see them through
You – if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.
You – if you have staying power and the guts and determination to win

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

If you’re entrenched in your own beliefs, entrenched in your own ways of doing things… I’m not the one for you. If you wiffle waffle, if you have people you can’t say no to… I’m not the one for you. If your word is best used for propelling hot-air balloons then I’m definitely not the one for you!!

What I Do For Clients:

I am an Identity Intensifier. What does that mean? Melding the DNA of your business with the newly minted marketing strategy, I blueprint and execute the tactics that will evocatively personify your business. Identity Intensifying tactics include by are not limited to:

  • Touchpoints
  • Messaging
  • Intrusive media campaigns
  • Social Media strategies

Intensifying the Identity of a strong competitive business (see “Who I Can Help) will turbocharge your growth exponentially.

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