John Cassidy-Rice
John Cassidy-RiceBranding, Digital Marketing and Public Speaking
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: £1,000,000 +Yearly Revenue

Who I Can Help:

My ideal client is an owner operated business poised for dramatic growth. I prefer working with business owners who have a sense of fun and adventure.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Someone who has no passion for their business. Who is not willing to play full tilt boogie.

What I Do For Clients:

Together we make marketing ridiculously easy. We’ll do the work your competitors avoid.

We’ll do the work that contributes to success so the rest falls into place.

With the care of a craftsman building a work of art, I guide my clients through a system.

We’ll build a Brand with Substance. A Brand that can strut its funky self, be the north star – the brightest star in the constellation which guides your customers journey.

Good Advertising:

Good advertising produces vivid images in the minds of prospected customers. We use the Brand Substance System to create the most vivid of images. There are six steps:

  • Positioning Strategy – the science of research to discover what is in the heart of your customer
  • Brand Personality – Archetype personality, breathing life into ideas
  • Compelling Core Message – We are talking rock hard six pack of a message
  • Story Scaffold – A love story of the perfect union. You and your customer walking off into the sunset happily ever after
  • Identity System – You no longer have to fear coming up with a USP (Unique Selling Position), no gimmicks for you
  • Presence – Just like when a baby hands you a toy phone, no matter how big and tough you are, you have to answer it – yes, a presence that begs action.

The Brand Substance System creates characters, plots, emotions and a journey of profit. Your business becomes the archetype of triumph. When you speak the world listens – at least the people who desire what you sell.

Marketing becomes a breeze when you know who you are, what you stand for, and when you have a library of vivid images that resonate with customers.

Did I get a little carried away?

If You’re a Good Fit:

There’s little point in me doing all the talking. Contact me. Tell me about your business and your plans for that business.