Josh Stevens
Josh StevensIndustrial website copywriting, Google AdWords, Print media, B2B
Website: developing
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 1M – 50M

Get good, able-bodied webmanship: Turn your heavy industry online marketing from speculating with a pickax, in digitally dry clay ... ... Into the color of oil.

Who I Can Help:

Do you own a shop? Are you too busy to be fluent in the language of the web? If you’re spending all your time picking up from supply houses, cutting employee overtime, buying used equipment, keeping up with MTRs, and looking for a top notch QC man, then let me be your online locksmith. I’ll help you jimmy the eyeballs of “silver surfers” distracted from the web safari they’re traveling. Let’s rivet WHAT YOU DO, into the minds of your future customers.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

You are not a good fit if you don’t know some specific yearly goals you’d like to accomplish with your web marketing, or if you will not let me guide you in making the copywriting revisions to your website.

What I Do For Clients:

I fire up your internetting prospects to find your delightfully presented business’ site, with turnkey web marketing. Then once they’ve arrived at your pages, I heavy-duty staple WHO YOU ARE into their subconscious. You get an unforgettable language package about your company.

Success Stories:

Rewrote a fab shop’s website and in one year increased the number of pages visited 41.86%, increased time spent on pages 62.86% and nearly tripled the number of RFQs sent to my client, from 57 to 173, a 204% increase.

One More Thing:

Another benefit of working together is your RFQ portal/button will be lubricated to take in more qualified inquiries. Just one new customer through these means has been worth $44,212.38 to my client. Additionally, I was able to decrease Google CPA (cost per acquisition) 16%, from $372.80 to $314.07. And the quarter before I retooled their online marketing they spent $15,481.41 with Google and had no idea of results. The first quarter 2014 they spent $2,702.44, a 83% decrease, and now client spends anywhere between $2,000 – $2,600/month.