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Email: mikeslover@wizardofads.com
Accepting New Clients: If you have a desire to learn and grow, then yes, I am accepting YOU as a new client.
Client Size Range: Local Business Speaking Fee: $5,500 per day. $10,000 per day to give you my secrets if you’re an advertising professional (TV, radio, broadcast associations, advertising conferences..etc). Advertising professionals are paying a premium for premium information.

Let Me Be Your Smart Man

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it and never makes that mistake again. A wise man finds a smart man and learns how to avoid that mistake all together. I will be your smart man.

Who I Can Help:

Feel like if you harnessed more knowledge your business would grow?
     You can.
                     It will.
                                 I can help.

Your heads wrapped up in your business, payroll, managing clients, managing employees. Marketing and advertising is the one thing that gets neglected, or is the fuzzy thing in the room that’s just not understood.

A day with me, your staff, you and an open mind will leapfrog you out of that mud-sucking hole you’re stuck in.

Look, I get it, you’ve probably tried advertising before and it didn’t work. Join the crowd. It’s not easy growing a business on advertising when you’re saying the WRONG thing. To be successful you must know the RIGHT things to say. I’ll teach you how to say the RIGHT things with real world examples of what’s worked, what hasn’t and why?

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

You walk in a room, your staff clamps up. Your mere presence strangles the creativity of those around you. You dominate every conversation and it makes you feel good. You, my friend, are a pompous ass know-it-all. We are not a good fit.

I breathe life into dreamers. Give wings to dragons that want to fly. If you’re remotely close to the person described above, nothing I can do can help. I’m serious. Please do not contact me. You are cancer rotting in the building. I want no part of that.

Sorry for the explicit description. This kind of person will never take my advice to grow their company.

What I Do For Clients:

I give you the knowledge to grow your business past the length of its own shadow.

I’ll teach you with the proven techniques of the Wizard of Ads.

I also present my own material at your business place with your business people. Material I’ve gather inside the walls of a Wizard of Ads partnership. Privileged information that I’ll give you with one hundred percent full access. I hold nothing back.

Every business is unique and I have presentations that can fill whole days with your unique situation.

Contact me and we’ll set up a time to figure out what Wizard of Ads principles will best benefit your business.

Once we know what you want me to present to your company, we’ll set up a day for me to inspire, present and motivate your team into action that will grow your business.

Success Stories:

John Orr grew his business by $130,000 in 9 months after listening to one of my seminars. He works for his Dad at Freedom Transport, a trucking company!!!

John is my kind of guy. He is courageous. If I can help a trucking company gain an additional $135,000 in 9 months, think about what I can do for you? It’s unlimited.

P.S. Contact me and I’ll send you John Orr and I’s text conversation when I asked him if I could use him as a testimonial for you!

He’ll kill me, but after growing his business by $130,000 by picking up something he learned in my seminar, here’s his #, call him personally 618-319-3456..just kidding, he said I could use his number as a reference ☺ He’s that happy!

The Strategy Wizard – Mike Slover Speaking

Labeled as “The most comprehensive marketing and advertising presentation I’ve ever seen” by an attendee, I’ve been trying to deliver that same understanding in every presentation I give. I teach your attendees the secret techniques that I’ve created to grow businesses across the United States. Your attendees will use this information to grow their own businesses.


A Little About Mike Slover

I’m the CEO of The Strategy Wizards and the writing author of the book, “The Strategy Wizard”. My company is a partner company with 5-time Wall Street Journal Best selling author, Roy H. Williams & the global marketing & advertising firm Wizard of Ads.


The goal of my presentations is to be informing, engaging and entertaining. I earnestly want your attendees to walk away with something they can go back and use that’s going to help their business. I want your attendees to seek you out and tell you how relevant, engaging and interesting the speaker you brought in was. That makes me happy.

What You Can Expect

  1. Never ever, ever a sales pitch or anything to buy at the back of the room.
  2. I’ll work with you or your event planner well before the event to make sure itmeets your expectations.
  3. I’ll reply to your emails or messageswithin the same day.
  4. I’ll providepromotional material for your event.
  5. I’ll follow up after the event toget your feedback.

My Most Requested Topic

slover-3The Strategy Wizard – How to Take Your Business Past The Next Level

This is the big one and the foundation for the book “The Strategy Wizard”. My specialty is creating strategies that build businesses big and fast. I expose the three things I do to grow businesses big and fast in this presentation. Your attendees will learn the three keys to building any business. These keys have grown businesses by 100% in as little as three months and are the very keys used by Zappos to become a billion dollar company in just 10 years after start-up… Those keys in a nutshell are:

slover-4Selling Strategy – When the elements of your offer resonate, you’re on your way to making big things happen. This is the key to crafting a strategy that will work. I’ll show your attendees how to do that.

slover-4Brand Development –  I’ll explain how every brand is a fictional character in the mind of the customer, similar to the characters in movies, novels, and television shows. I’ll teach your attendees the proven techniques of Nobel Prize-winning writers and Hollywood dream merchants to make their brand a happy, likeable character in the mind of their customer.

slover-4Customer Experience Factor – Good strategy won’t fix a bad customer experience. I’ll wrap up my talk by revealing one of the secrets to delivering a “delight factor” that keeps customers talking and coming back for more.

“The Strategy Wizard” presentation can be given in a 45 minute, 2hr or all day presentation. 

Speaking Samples

Past Speaking Engagements

October 18th, 2016 – Marketing to Millennials, Carbondale, IL

October 8th, 2015 – How To Sell Upscale Products And Services, Carbondale, IL

May 21st, 2015 – Mississippi/Louisiana Broadcasters Association, Biloxi, MS

May 8th, 2015 – Chamber University, Carbondale, IL

February 11th, 2015 – How To Write Recruitment Ads, Carbondale, IL

May 15th, 2014 – Marketing University, Carbondale, IL

May 9th, 2014 – Decatur Business Expo, Decatur, IL

March 25 – March 26th, 2014 –  Build me a Campaign That Works, Carbondale, IL

March 11th,2014 –  Marion Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Marion, IN

March 5th, 2014 – Business Builder Breakfast, Carbondale, IL

February 26th, 2014 –  Colona Chamber of Commerce, Colona, IL

October 16th, 2013 –  Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, Davenport, IA

October 30th, 2013 –  Master Marketing Class, Denver, CO

April 10, 2013 –  Herrin Chamber of Commerce, Herrin, IL

September 26, 2012 –  Master Marketing Class, Austin, TX

May 16, 2012 – Boom Your Business, St.Louis, MO

March 9th, 2012 –  South by Southwest, Austin, TX

 Happy Attendees At Every Event


Reviews of Mike Slover Speaking

Mike provided an excellent program for our Chamber Morning Network event, sharing with our businesses his marketing expertise.

Mike Coughlin Membership Manager
Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

Mike Coughlin

The Next Step

If you would like to check my availability, or start the conversation on how I might be a fit to your organization, please contact me at mikeslover@wizardofads.com or call me at 618.889.0674.

Thank you for considering me for your event!