Robert Grebe
Robert GrebeDigital Marketing, Copywriting, Strategist
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: USD $1 – 25 Million Annual Gross Revenue

Tell me where you want to go.

And I’ll find a way to get you there if you’re open-minded and daring.

Who I Can Help:

  • Big Dreamers.
  • Strong Leaders.
  • One or two others.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

  • Weenies. Business owners who have forgotten that taking risks got them where they are today.
  • Anyone who thinks backing their car into the garage is a bold move.
  • Men and women who lack the patience to stay the course and always end up drinking wine that’s too young.

What I Do For Clients:

It’s not about digital, TV, or radio…though that matters. It’s about winning the soul of your customer. And message is the stairway there.

Message is like a big jar stuffed with what you need to promote your business. Inside are tasty morsels that remind us of your best character traits. They’re called brandable chunks.

There’s a pair of socks with a hole in one of the toes. So customers can see you know you’re not perfect. And, of course, stories about you, your people, your customers, and more…

Once you’ve perfected your message, then consider the best platforms to deliver it.

Maybe you jumped into digital because your friends told you that you should be there. (Your friends are right.)

Still, digital ads need more flipping of switches and turning of dials than TV or radio. It’s trickier and that can cost you money.

Yes, message is important, but knowing the right buttons to push matters too.

Digital Success:

Nothing gets me excited like helping a company grow. Even when it gets me fired.

Like it did recently when a client became overwhelmed. He couldn’t handle another patient after his previously disappointing sales rose 33% in 15 months. I could only smile.

Whether your business is Plastic Surgery or Apparel, Landscaping or Financial, or Something Entirely New, I’ll bring my breadth of experience and passion to help you succeed.

Wouldn’t It Be Great:

If your Facebook and Google ads aligned with your website, emails, and sales brochures?

Kind of like a team getting uniforms for the first time. It’s called strategic alignment.

And when you put the right message on top of it, your marketing and advertising become more effective. Sales grow higher and higher.

And now you need a bigger trophy case.

Let’s talk. Together we’ll show you how to get to where you want to be.