Scott Fraser
Scott FraserEarl of XtraOrdinary, Contrast Strategist, Start-up Specialist, Event and Promotions Development & Management
Accepting New Clients: …..Yes,…….. I have room for 1 (one) new client at this time
Client Size Range: Entrepreneur who is able both fundamentally and legally to make final decisions – size matters not.

You’re either XtraOrdinary or you’re not…

Many things (can) make you XtraOrdinary; what you sell may (not) be one of them.

Who I Can Help:


  • Who believes in their vision
  • Able to pocket their ego
  • Open to “Rubic Cubing” their Business and Industry
  • Willing to watch their competitors bleed

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Anyone who doesn’t fit the profile mentioned above. Period.

What I Do For Clients:

Market penetration and dominance; whatever it takes.