Stephen Worden
Stephen WordenProject Management, Team Building, Strategy
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Zero to $5M

Spend it where?

Your advertising must cut the clutter, resonate with the listener, and meet your budget. Cable TV? Radio? Billboards? Promo items? Flyers under the wiper? You can’t see clearly from inside the bottle, so the first thing we do is help you learn about yourself. It may be more than you want us to know, because we need to get to The Real You and what’s at the heart of your business. “Uncovery,” we call it. We find the cornerstone that informs our strategy, defines the persona of your business, and guides every choice we make in the coming year. And the year after that. Because we believe in commitment. That’s why on the grounds of Wizard Academy, you’ll find a free wedding chapel. Last year, 999 weddings were held there. Commitment is in our DNA. So…are YOU solid? Imaginative? Courageous? Ambitious? Awesome. Welcome to your tribe. Let’s get to know each other.

Who I Can Help:

Do you want to grow? Really grow? Deal with the roadblocks and the issues and the Bad Apple employees? Advertising can only accelerate what is going to happen anyway. We can launch you, but you’ve got to be in this at bone level.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

The underfunded. The indecisive. The direction-changers.

Those unwilling to differentiate. Chicken Littles. Mismanaged organizations. Ships that change course with every gust of wind. Those without the patience to see their work bear fruit.

What I Do For Clients:

Simply — move the needle on the Give-A-Damn meter.

I’m a project manager. My job is to form the team and craft the plan. From that we derive a budget and timeline. And tasks handled by copywriters, UI specialists, web developers, medics…whoever we need. The talent and experience here is stunning.

I’m a project manager. I don’t play every position because others on the team have the bases covered.

Success Stories:

stephen-worden-bayshore-alliedLed team of Wizard Partners to design and build a corporate website that leverages Myers-Briggs personality types. Users are greeted with headlines, imagery and copy aimed at the four dominant cognitive functions. Depending on their thoughts, feelings, sensation or intuition, visitors self-select their personal preference. Subsequent pages speak to them in their preferred mode.

Eastern Mountain Sports

Led the team that designed the first e-commerce system for Eastern Mountain Sports. We integrated legacy warehouse automation systems, a Northern Telecom call center, and product management tools that were useful to both shoppers and management.

Led user interface design and application development teams for a rapid-fire Internet startup. Owner was able to attract several buyers, eventually selling to Bally Entertainment.

Newark Community Radio

sephen-worden-radio-newarkLed team of scientists and educators to create what Google calls the Number One science radio station in the world. Formed partnership and affiliations with scientific organizations. Worked out programming issues, wrote web copy, led fundraising campaigns. Currently building a new FM radio station that will cover all of Newark with a fine signal.