Vi Wickam
Vi WickamDigital Marketing, Ad Consultant
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 3M+ yearly revenue

Sum me up in these 4 words:

  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Joy
  • Excellence

Who I Can Help:

If problems and trends are coins hidden under the sand, then I’m that guy on the beach with a metal detector. I unearth the data that most business owners can’t see. Because the majority of them work IN their business, not ON their business. (As the saying goes, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.”) I find measurable ways to level up your business, so you can focus on running it.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

For us to be a good fit, you need to answer Yes to ALL of the following:

  • Does your business have an interesting story to tell? Are you excited about what you’re doing? Do you believe in your product? Are you in this to help people solve their problems? In order for me to believe in you, I need YOU to believe in you.
  • Are you a straight-talker? Do you have the confidence to clearly communicate what you want? If it’s a pain in the ass to chase you down or get a straight answer, then let’s just not.
  • Are you in charge? I’m not a babysitter. I don’t want to deal with someone who can’t run their own business (been there, done that.)
  • Are you ready to scale? Can your business handle rapid growth? Are you already using Google Adwords and would like a better return on money spent? Are you prepared to hit the ground running?

What I Do For Clients (My Superpowers):

Creative Online Marketing, Strategy, Management

Primarily Google AdWords Management, but I also manage BingAds, YouTube Ads, Google Shopping and Bing Shopping Ads, Remarketing Ads, Banner Ads, and Facebook ads – when needed. I create Channel Alignment which bridges a clear path between your keywords, your ads, and your website. This results in a lower cost per click and higher conversion rates.

Ultimately, it results in a higher return on your ad spend. Each month I uncover opportunities for new relevant keywords, while blocking the irrelevant ones. Results are improved lead quality, month over month. I single out keywords as close as possible to the edge of conversion – eliminating tire kickers – without being so specific that the words never get searched.

Online Marketing Review

I’m happy to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that conversion tracking and google analytics are set up correctly. Precise data allows us to properly measure the results of how you’re spending your ad dollars.

Web Hosting And Maintenance

Solid, fast, reliable web hosting includes:

  • Monthly maintenance
  • Hourly snapshot backups
  • Firewalled security
  • One point of contact for support

* I GUARANTEE that if any site I host and maintain is hacked, I will fix it for free. I’ve never had to honor that guarantee, because none of the sites that I maintain monthly have been hacked.

Website Development

I focus on easy user interaction, and can implement just about anything you can think of. The platforms I usually work on are Wordpress and Magento. I’m periodically called in to migrate from other platforms, or to fix website functionality on other platforms, such as Shopify.

*Bonus Superpower

Effective marketing balances left brain logic with right brain creativity. So does an effective marketer. My right brain creative superpower? Secret Violin Sensei.

Harsh Truth #1: When it comes to online marketing, there’s no “set it and forget it.”

(Don’t be this guy.) Your website isn’t a magic rotisserie chicken machine. You can’t just plug in some keywords and hope for the best. Might as well take your money and throw it in the street. Or send it to a Nigerian Prince. (Same results.) Online Marketing requires constant attention. AND, Your attention is better spent running Your business.

  • Is your business suffering from “marketing fatigue?”
  • Tech stuff giving you constant migraines?
  • How many times a day do you pinch the bridge of your nose and wish it would all just “fix itself” already?
  • Ever feel like killing the lights and hiding under your desk?

I empathize with you, because this digital marketing stuff is NOT easy. The only constant in Online marketing technology is change. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving process. Equal parts science and art, strategy and psychology, right brain creative and left brain logical.

Harsh Truth #2: If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re just looking for trouble.

I’ve spent the past 23 years running businesses, coding websites, and implementing ferociously successful marketing campaigns. After two decades of wrenching under the hood of the Internet, it’s more than just experience. At this point, it’s straight-up wisdom. I know how off-the-rails it can get for businesses who attempt online marketing themselves. I’ve put out fires and reversed damages more times than I have fingers and toes.

For one client, I took over managing their adwords campaigns. They were spending hundreds of dollars monthly on adwords with zero results. They threw me the reins and I improved their return from absolutely nothing to 6/1 on average – in 6 months. We often have months where their returns are better than 10/1.

Another client hired me to give their online presence a makeover. After a successful site redesign, I took on managing their online marketing. Over the next 6 months I helped them grow from $30K per month to $80K per month. I don’t manage any of their website content, but I do manage all of their online advertising, which includes AdWords and BingAds with Shopping Ads on both platforms. I run remarketing banner ads and product ads for them as well. I have overseen development projects to move them to Magento, and upgraded/redesigned the site at least a half a dozen times over the last 13 years.

I implemented the following functionality for their site:

  • Shipping integration
  • Fully automated drop shipping integration with multiple distributors
  • eBay sales integration
  • Amazon sales integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Loyalty program, and more.

95% of sales are driven by their website. I helped them grow their revenue from $350K in 2007 to $10M this year, and we’re STILL growing. We typically get returns from our AdWords campaigns of 6-10X the spend (mostly varying seasonally.)

Harsh Truth #3: Embrace your vulnerability by hiring an expert, or fall behind.

  • I know what running a business looks like from both sides of the equation.
  • I managed my own IT outfit for 12 years, and grew it to over $700,000 in annual revenues.
  • Meaning I have both an outsiders’ and insiders’ perspective.

Since I took on a brand new law firm, their practice has grown exponentially for the past 5 years. To the point where capacity was maxed out. Twice. Both times they were forced to hire additional lawyers and paralegals to handle the growth. They periodically have me turn their AdWords campaigns OFF for a few weeks at a time, because they can’t keep up with the amount of new business the ads drive to them.

That is what it feels like to let an expert take the wheel.

But Enough About Me

Are you tired of fiddling around?

Because fiddling around is only for fiddlers (like me.)

Not business owners (like you.)

If you’re ready to create kickass campaigns that produce killer results, then let’s talk.

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