Dave Nevland
Dave NevlandAudio Production, Expert Voiceover Coach, Music Matching Guru
Email: dave@wizardofads.com
Accepting New Clients: sure
Client Size Range: any size

I’m an audio guy who can interpret the Holy Ghost.

I bring that attention and intuition to advertising audio production. I can make you and your company sound great because I like you. I want other people to like you too, so they think of you first and hear you in their head before they need what you provide.

Who I Can Help:

Anyone advertising on the radio, TV, movie theater, internet, or any kind of advertising that uses audio. If you hate the sound of your voice recorded I can make everyone who hears you love it and think you’re a professional actor because you’ll sound so natural and real.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Advertisers in the newspaper, yellow pages, or any other print media that can’t be heard.

What I Do For Clients:

Great audio production is about you. You won’t sound like that guy that does the movie trailers because he’s dead for one thing, but also because he’s on every other ad on the radio or TV. We want people to remember you and feel good about you like they already know you way before they meet you or need what you sell. That’s called an acoustic signature. You can record in your own house or office, and I’ll make it sound better than almost any radio station’s recording efforts. Sound effects, other voices, and possibly music serve to make your advertising snag a listener’s attention and keep them reengaging with it as it plays. Wave your flag. The music environment, if you need one, will help you do that superbly.

Success Stories:

I produce over 1,100 radio spots a year and have been in the production seat at the home office for over 23 years. Lots of success stories for business growth, but more success stories for business owners who sound like they own the airwaves. Brad and Sarah, the owners of Radiant Plumbing in Austin would clam up in front of a mic in a booth in 2007. Within a couple years they were killing it as people started asking them where they found the two actors that sound like they really are married. 1800-Got-Junk came to us in 2012. While producing their first radio spots I thought it would be helpful to find some music that sounded like lots of happy people whistling as they hauled away trash. That peppy music track is their audio signature worldwide, and that just came extra for working with us. Spence diamonds in Canada received their first audio production from me in 2004. Their owner’s voice and the female voice talent we provided have been so inextricably tied to Spence that even when he sold the company the new owner’s pleaded to keep his voice. People all over Canada have searched everywhere to meet his female counterpart because they love her so much.


  • Original message spots – $200/:60 $150/:30 $100/:15 or :10
  • 5-second mention are $40 each.
  • Paid VO talent is $25 per spot per talent if I find it.
  • Music bed – $25 per spot.
  • Variation spots where we change the location or date are $50 each (no extra VO or music fee)
  • Ads on Hold – $120/minute prorated

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