Dave Young
Dave YoungCopywriter, Idea Machine, Strategist
Email: daveyoung@wizardofads.com
Website: http://daveyoung.me
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Depends on category

Business should be a lot of fun

If we can’t have fun growing your business together, you should probably hire someone else.

Who I Can Help:

You’re the boss, and you take your responsibility seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. The buck stops with you, and only you, and you’re okay with that. We begin at the beginning, where you’re at now. Then we can discuss how amplifying your brand’s story, image, and presence would look for you. If you enjoy the idea of working with a solid marketing strategist with 20+ years of experience, ready to implement the special brand of crazy that is The Wizard of Ads™, you will find I don’t disappoint.

Let’s start with a quick chat to see if there’s a fit.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

We know the most effective long term branding strategy is about nurturing a relationship based on trust and competence over time. We know that we have to dust your advertising with some offers to get people to act but we refuse to create gross salesy ads that will damage your good name for short-term results. You’re comfortable with trusting us with your brand’s image and story.

The business owners we work with are smart and savvy while being comfortable that they don’t know the nuance of great branding. While they relied on advice from their people before, they are coming to Wizard of Ads™ Partners, like me, to implement what we know will work. You’re comfortable trusting us with your brand’s strategy.

If you want to hear me use words like disruption, growth hacking, SoLoMo, FOMO, actionable insights, seamless integration, turn-key (or anything “key” in general), content is king, advertainment, ecosystem (to describe everything), pivot, synergy, or paradigm, or snackable content, I apologize in advance for refusing, but I’m not an insufferable wanker.

In general, we make it a policy to avoid working with liars, grifters, twitchy bastards, con-men, or committees.

What I Do For Clients:

You own a business. You want more revenue. Let’s start there.

Wizard of Ads™ Partners work their best brand magic in teams. I mean, it’s right in the name. Being an OG (that’s Original Gangsta) Partner, I’ve been around our group of scallywags and miscreants long enough to know who’s who in the zoo. My job is to get you a team of stone-cold killas. Just call me the Colonel (of the A-Team, not the chicken).

Going from bland to brand, I’m betting you want:

  1. A brand strategy.
  2. Sticky ad creative that generates high quality leads.
  3. An eye-catching brand that people notice in a sea of competitors.
  4. Online and offline media buying that doesn’t make you bankrupt but gets the phone ringing.
  5. A great customer experience that matches your messaging and values.

You’re going to find this kinda crazy, but we got you, fam.

Let’s talk about your specific needs so I understand the scope of work and I can give you an idea of the price right away.

Success Stories:

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a nerd.

While you were out being all handsome (or beautiful), and sporty, and successful, I was reading books. Fantastical books….and science books.

I guess that’s why I took so well to the Wizard of Ads™ style of branding.

When I found out I could be crazy creative and what I did worked scientifically, well — pow….mind blown.

It’s been 20 years mastering my craft. Honing my skills. Polishing my…abilities. I couldn’t imagine a better life. I love my clients. I love watching them grow like wildfire. I have clients in finance, home services, retail, health care, and even manufacturing. Canada, USA, and Australia.

What a life.

Recently, I helped a Roofer develop a better sales proposal. Now they’re using their mobile phone to create video diagnoses for their clients linked to an automated proposal and closing a bunch more business!

Then there was the Jeweler who added twelve hundred new warranty customers in less than a month. BOOM! That’s awesomesauce.

And one of my favorite stories was the Plumber from small-town America who doubled his appointments with one simple, but powerful change to his offer.

I’m a tenacious problem solver, and my name is David, so feel free to call me Tenacious D. Colonel Tenacious D.

Working with small business owners has been amazing. I love your spirit and grit.

I know I can help you too with a framework we’ve perfected over the past 35 years.

If you’re still reading, there’s a pretty darn good chance we are a great fit.

Go on, let’s have a gab.

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