Dennis Collins
Dennis CollinsLeadership, Sales, Customer Experience, Speaking / Teaching
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 1.5M – 35M Annual Revenue


Knowledge without action is useless.


“We judge ourselves by our intentions.  We judge others by their actions.”

-Stephen Covey

Who I Can Help:

If you believe your most valuable business asset is your people, we should talk. We should talk if you believe that just like your product and marketing, your people deserve your time, attention, meaningful investment and continuous training and coaching because we have a lot in common.

Over the past 151 years or so, I’ve helped people in my business and in hundreds of others to get unstuck. The highest professional compliment I’ve ever received is when a client said, “You start with average to good people and help them become exceptional.”

What really matters is asking the right questions, asking the hard questions, the questions that are rarely asked. It’s the answers to the tough questions that propel a company from average to exceptional.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

I’ve discovered that a business partnership with me accomplishes nothing if you:

  • Are invested in the status quo: married to sacred cows, unwilling to identify and correct blind spots. Very happy in a narrow comfort zone
  • Talk a lot about the asset value of your people but are unwilling to invest time, effort and money to develop and grow them
  • Lack the courage to ask and answer the tough questions

How We Make Things Happen:

Leadership Training

I’ve authored Leadership Courses that can help on-board new leaders and re-engage existing leaders

Sales Management Training

The most forgotten person in the company when it comes to training.

Social Styles and Versatility Training

I’m a certified Tracom Social Styles facilitator. The study of Social Styles allows us to understand the impact you have on others.

Effective Communication Training

Let’s learn how to talk with each other and make high quality decisions in a meaningful way

Custom Courses

What does your business need? Let’s design something just for you.

Installation of Excellence

Training is not a one-off item. To be effective, what is taught must also be installed. Installation is what I do.

Case Study:

One of my most recent assignments was with an already successful medium-sized family owned business in transition. When you and I speak, ask me what we did. Suffice it to say their business is back on track in a short period of time.

Want To Start With Something Simple?

Let’s have a no obligation conversation. Please email me to get the ball rolling. I promise to ask questions that will focus on growing your business.

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