Devin Wright
Devin WrightMedia Buying
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Varies

Roy H. Williams tells me I am, 'America's Top Media Buyer.'

I think he might be even a better salesman than I am.

Devin Wright served nine years in the Navy as a journalist and public affairs specialist.

He was the director of an American music-formatted radio station in Japan, a television news director for the American Forces Network, and the editor of a weekly newspaper.

Devin says, “I’ve had the office across the hall from the Wizard of Ads since 2006. The day after he hired me, he said, ‘A good media negotiator is a salesperson with a highly specialized education who is hired to outsell the salespeople who work for the media.’ He then spent the next two years giving me the greatest education any media negotiator has ever had. He taught me how to look at media buying completely differently than traditional negotiators, so that I can achieve a completely outcome. Making a media buy look good on paper is easy. But the wizard demands that I make it deliver the results our client was anticipating. And that’s a whole different ball game.”

“When Facebook’s HR department tried to recruit me recently, I told them that I was flattered they had heard of me, but that I already had the greatest job in the world and wasn’t willing to leave under any conditions.”

“If you’re looking at mass media with a meaningful budget – TV and/or Radio – I’m your guy. If you have a modest budget, I can hook you up with one of the other Wizard of Ads partners.”

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