Cambridge Dictionary defines branding as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.” This is, or should be, a pretty accurate description of branding.

Strategy is today’s “to-do list” but culture is exactly what made your business who and what it is.

The culture of a business is defined as “The spirit of the group”.

Culture: the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.
Business is defined as: the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.

If you don’t have a strong understanding of your VALUES, you won’t have a strong CULTURE.

A business needs to REWARD and CELEBRATE employee practices, their behaviors, and achievements. Otherwise, you’re just regurgitating clichés. (Commonly known as mission statements or core values.)

Anyone can copy your STRATEGY, but no one can copy your CULTURE. It is unique to your business and your business alone.

Branding is nothing more than corporate culture made known to the masses.

Good advertising promises your customer a specific experience.
It is then up to YOU, your people to deliver that experience.

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