Gene Naftulyev
Gene NaftulyevProfit Improvement Strategy, Business Growth Efficiency, Business Valuation and Prep for Sale
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $5,000,000 – $100,000,000 annual revenue

I don't do marketing, I do profit.

Growing is easy if you have an unlimited budget, doing it within a budget is hard. I analyze your expenses and help reduce your costs, allowing you to keep more profit or reinvest that profit into more growth.

Who I Can Help:

I have worked with companies in a variety of industries, from a 10 man shop with $5 million in revenues to Fortune 50 companies like Target. If you want to make fewer mistakes and keep more bottom line dollars, let’s talk.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Companies with very few employees or with completely outsourced supply chains. To be honest, CEOs who think they already know exactly what they need to double the size of their business are usually a poor fit because they want to learn by making mistakes, not by taking advice for how to avoid mistakes.

What I Do For Clients:

What I do is help my clients avoid costly mistakes by leveraging my 30 years of experience consulting in over 500 companies. That includes giants like Proctor and Gamble, Target, Ameriprise Financial, and PepsiCo. as well as small businesses from $5 to $50 million. With each new client I figure out which decisions lead to record profits and which will lead to disaster.

Success Stories:

I have worked with a business in NY consulting with the owner and executives to help them avoid mistakes while growing from $5 mil to $50 mil in just three years. For a client in Austin I was able to ‘shave off’ $1 mil per year in expenses, which allowed them to go from losses to profits within three months. A client in CA found out he had cancer and asked me to run his company for 6 months. While sales fell for the year with him being gone, I increased his profit margin by 110% making his bank account that much higher by the time he returned from treatment.

Preparing Businesses for Sale:

While I have helped many companies grow and be profitable over the years, I have also been focusing on working with founders who want me to prepare a company for sale to maximize their business valuation. The recommendations for this path may be very different. I will spend the first day of working with you getting to know you, your goals, fears, desires, and plans. This will let me craft solutions that are completely tailored to your needs, not just provide generic advice I would give a stranger.

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