Jay Mistry
Jay MistryIllustration, Graphic Design
Email: JayMistry@wizardofads.com
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Varies

Be unique all the time!

Who I Can Help:

I am an Illustrator/Designer that uses a recipe of marketing and design to make your brand rise. I will help anyone who is unafraid to be different. Creating powerful visuals is not a cure all. As a business owner you must embrace your visual identity and put in the effort to follow the marketing strategy behind it.

Something I think people don’t realize is that a strong brand is so much more than a logo. How you use it, how you implement it into your business, and how you expose your customers to your brand will affect its success. So, if you are willing to go against the flock send me a message.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

There are a few types of people that would not make a good fit:

  • Sheep (or Sheeple.)
  • Indecisive Ians (People who want 30 versions of my worst work! Rather than 2 versions of my best!)
  • Last-minuters (Making something worthwhile for your business is a multi-step process.)

What I Do For Clients:

I grab people’s attention. I make their heads turn. You know that moment in chick flicks when the protagonist gets a makeover and everyone stares, they take down the bullies, and win prom queen. I create that moment for you. And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about I know you’ve seen a chick flick.

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