Joe Hamilton
Joe HamiltonMedia Buyer/Analyst and Strategist
Accepting New Clients: I am accepting clients.
Client Size Range: I’m not particular about the size of the client so long as they aren’t looking for a one trick pony.

The smaller the media budget, the higher the business owner values every penny.

An honest media buyer will put more work into the smallest of his clients as that client has more to lose than the largest.

Who I Can Help:

I can help business owners wanting to reach the next level and demanding the greatest most efficient use of their media budget. If you’re looking for things beyond media and strategy, we have the greatest writing minds and internet minds in the world at our fingertips in our partners.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

People who want results in 24 hours or want me to give them a speculative answer on their media dollars with no analysis. You should not reach out to me to ask me how much you should be spending in a particular market. And if you expect me to do a dance and tell you what you want to hear, I’m the wrong guy for you.

What I Do For Clients:

My specialty is media analysis and media buying in its various forms from Radio to the moon and all points between.

Success Stories:


It wasn’t J’Lo wearing a barely noticeable bracelet that made them the largest jewelry company in the world. It was a handful of clients and a few copycat non clients creating thousands of customers in a bad economy using a program I created with Brad Lawrence (Goldcasters) and Adam Donmoyer (WoA Partner).


Before becoming a partner, I annually placed more Rolex buys than anyone in the country, Including a partnership with the then St. Louis Rams.


In 2007 we began a program that tied a client to the Make-A-Wish foundation. We had a client who was very mature in his market and in order to grow we had to bond him to the community. Within two years the client was spending two days on the air hosting the program himself. He once said, “this is the greatest marketing thing I have ever done.” It’s an incredible program that truly defines “bonding rather than branding”. Not to mention that it raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to help very sick kids and their families.

Location Location Location

Another partner and I went to a small retirement community in Central Florida. The client was adding a market-from being the only jeweler in a very small town. When we went to visit the market we saw his location was at the back of a strip mall a few doors down from a nail salon. No traffic. We immediately drove to the front and got the client to move in next to the Starbucks and Verizon. There went the media budget! In the end it paid dividends!

Display windows?

Absolutely display windows! We were advising a client who was complaining they couldn’t really advertise from their location because of the local sign ordinances. It CVS puts their signs in HUGE letters behind glass windows (inside the store).

A client of mine was finally moving to a location with major traffic. The building had been overlooked for years. On a previous visit to a different client I encountered the largest toilet I’d ever seen. Since my client that was moving was a plumbing company I suggested we knock a huge hole in the wall facing the most traffic and display a massive toilet. The toilet became themed recognizable plumbing fixtures. The first display was two toilets at a New Years Eve party and the next was Valentines! The display has continued to evolve including movie themes as well as holidays and is an integral part of the marketing to this day! Talk about getting media attention. Yes it came out of the ad dollars. It was the talk of the town! What better way of getting thousands of people a day to notice a plumbing company location?

When one media doesn’t work try another.

During the recession you could buy radio ads for next to nothing. TV was a different story. The TV stations across the country had decided to do rate increases and pretend nothing was happening. My client didn’t want to not spend

Back in 2004 I began working for Wizard of Ads as a media buyer. I was trained by a very diligent teacher by the name of Juan Torneo. Under the meticulous tutelage of Maestro Juan I learned to value our clients dollars to the decimal regardless of size. After a rigorous training course and brutal eyeballing by the Wizard I was cast out to sink or swim. (Treading water not allowed).
Within the year, Juan had ventured out to the land of partners and gold and I was the sole buyer for 60+ clients. Many of those clients had multiple markets or were in the process of opening new markets.

Fortunately I was able to position all of my clients in such a way that I could devote my full attention to their particular needs.

It was a year later when I began training a new buyer and handing off some of the load.

During the recession the goal I set forth was to save our clients as much money from their media budgets as possible while not losing the amount of people we were reaching at a high weekly frequency. It was time to reset the bar.

The end result was a staggering 35% average savings. In most cases we even had a dramatic increase in the amount of people we were reaching with a very high weekly frequency. Advertisers were slashing their media budgets and our clients were offering to stick around. At suddenly extremely cheap rates we began buying. It was like buying foreclosures in Detroit.

Later on with the advent of new technology I began using behavior patterns to assist my analysis and was able to add even more people without any further costs. New technology showed where to find people to within a half hour on radio. We already knew this to be true of television so it made perfect sense.

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