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Paul BoomerEmployee Optimization, Customer Strategy/Experience, Branding, Internet Marketing
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: $3M – $35M Annual Gross Sales

It's not only about marketing & advertising

Marketing & advertising are two subsets of your business. Let's not forget about the others and how they affect your growth.

Getting More Out of Your Employees is What Paul Does.

How do you get off the hamster’s treadmill, forever running, running, running but never getting anywhere, and achieve a healthy and thriving company?

We know happier employees mean happier bosses, which means higher profits, right? But how do you find and keep happier and more productive employees?

“Your employees are your biggest expense.
Isn’t it time you optimized them?”

Yes, Boomer Is His Real Last Name

Paul Boomer is quiet. Don’t confuse silence with timidness. Paul’s mind is constantly connecting the unseen dots. He sees the possibilities in people and business; Paul knows how data and technology are best used to enhance lives and leadership. His deep business knowledge, gentleness and kindness, and highly-refined leadership skills are his superpowers.

Paul is a generalist with a specialty in human dynamics, from working at Chicago radio stations in his teens and early twenties to foodbank development director in his late twenties to digital marketing strategist and database designer in his thirties (Paul also owned and sold a business somewhere in there too). Combined with being a metastatic breast cancer husband, father of two kids, and an advocate for mental health, his experiences cover a wide swath of life.

Paul continuously studies the human side of business – what makes people do the things they do, what’s needed to be a great leader, what people need to be successful – and he has learned how to teach this to others.

About YOU

Don’t spend more time reading culture and leadership books. Paul has already done that for you.

Hire a team of specialists who have owned businesses and taken them from Davids to Goliaths by relying more on their employees than their pure marketing and sales tactics.

Talk with Paul Boomer, Dennis CollinsSteve Rae, and other Wizard of Ads partners about what they can do to:

  • get everyone on your team going in the same direction
  • use delegation so you can get to the next level
  • focus and become unstoppable
  • bring out the very best in your employees
  • enjoy more significant profits while your employees are happier
  • work on your business instead of in it

What to Expect

To start, your business will go through a period of qualitative and quantitive approaches to determine which of these four topics – or a combination of – you need the most assistance with:

  • culture
  • leadership
  • sales
  • employee optimization

It’s not a one-and-done operation. Dennis, Steve, and Paul will install what’s needed to ensure your growth lasts for years to come. The installation process of change uses a combination of ongoing:

  • 1:1 conversations
  • group training sessions
  • leadership team meetings
  • communication training
  • sales training
  • culture assessments
  • 360-degree evaluations
  • individual and group measurement

When the installation of change starts, you’ll notice a near-immediate difference in your employees and begin experiencing sales growth.

Case Studies

Paul has led his clients to power their businesses to greater heights by diving deep into their abilities. Here’s a glimpse:

  • A CEO of a $12 million nationwide company, spoke with Paul about how to grow her business, increase employee engagement, and spend time with her family. The business grew 12% within five months, her employees were more engaged, and she enjoyed a family vacation.
  • A second-generation owner of a plumbing company had been struggling for months with a decision – should he keep his employees safe but pay the price in stagnation? Or should he stretch his abilities and provide accelerated growth? Within 45 minutes of speaking with Paul, he came to a solid conclusion and is on his way to doubling his $6 million business in the next two years.
  • The president of a plumbing and HVAC company discovered, using Paul’s assessments, that one of their most valuable employees – their Operations Manager – had been unhappy due to a lack of growth opportunities. Within three weeks, roles were changed, the entire staff of techs was happier, the business owner was more satisfied, and sales had already shown signs of growth directly tied to the changes that had taken place.
  • Paul’s client in the software development industry spoke to him during a state of transition and later came back to say, “Because of that conversation, I’m a better man.”
  • Co-Founders of a regional marketing firm – after two hours with Paul – devised a plan for business growth after being stuck for years. Within eight weeks, their business grew 20.8%, and they had a plan to expand their offices.

Start With a No Commitment, No Sales Pitch Conversation

Call Paul Boomer at (573) 268-4109 or schedule a time (opens new window) to have your questions answered and see if Paul is right for you.

What’s on the other side of Employee Optimization in your business?

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