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Paul Boomer
Paul BoomerCustomer Strategy/Experience, Branding, Internet Marketing
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: 4+ employees with more than $1-million in gross sales

It's not only about marketing & advertising

Marketing & advertising are two subsets of your business. Let's not forget about the others and how they affect your growth.

Who I Can Help:

If you’re an owner-operated company who knows every aspect of your business – customer experience, company culture, layout, hiring practices, efficiencies, advertising – affects profit and are unsure of how to get from here to there, we should talk.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

A company who is looking for a last ditch solution. A company ran by committee. Unproven companies. Those unwilling to put faith in others and someone who only wants to improve one aspect of their business.

I’m a people pleaser. Not in the way of telling you what you want to hear (ask about my Hot Seat presentation), but in a way that I go overboard with trying to help you succeed. I take on too much to help you get where you want to go. It’s a flaw of mine, and in learning that, I’ve learned I cannot waste time with people who aren’t going to listen and people who’ll take advantage. You and I, we become a team, and if you’re not comfortable with sharing responsibilities, please don’t waste your or my time.

What I Do For Clients:

I bring the understanding of human dynamics to the table – both the soft and hard kind of science. I use my knowledge, including being a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner, to pinpoint weak points in your customer experience and company culture that are likely inhibiting your growth and offer solutions to fix them. But please understand customer experience and company culture have several subsets including marketing, advertising, websites, hiring practices, and much more.

You’re smart. You’re where you’re at because you know what you’re doing. It’s not for me to judge what you have and have not done. It’s my job to help you get over whatever hurdle it is that’s slowing you or and your company down. The funny thing is, it’s almost always something that has to do with human behavior.

A Few Success Stories:

  • A CEO of a $12 million nationwide company spoke with Paul about how to grow her business, increase employee engagement, and spend time with her family. Within 5 months, the business grew 12%, her employees were more engaged, and she was enjoying a family vacation.
  • A second-generation owner of a plumbing company had been struggling for months with a decision – should he keep his employees safe but pay the price in stagnation? Or should he stretch his abilities and provide accelerated growth? Within 45 minutes of speaking with Paul, he came to a solid conclusion and is on his way to doubling his $6 million business in the next two years.
  • Co-Founders of a regional marketing firm – after two hours with Paul – devised a plan for business growth after being stuck for years. Within 8 weeks, their business grew 20.8% and they had a plan to expand their offices.
  • An artist contacted Paul to discover how she could transition into entrepreneurship. She’s now the busiest she’s ever been, selling one-of-a-kind paintings while building a business she can retire in.

What Others Say About Boomer:

For 10 years, Paul Boomer has been my go to guy for all kinds of questions.
When I need to know about web tech, or analytics or WordPress issues such as plugins, I call Paul. He really knows this stuff inside and out.
When I need to bounce some ideas about Personality Type around, I call Paul. He’s a certified MBTI genius. Certified.
When I need an honest take on a personal or customer issue, I call Paul. He’s a caring, connected problem-solver.
I’ve worked with him in person. We’ve traveled together and we’ve done a lot of work over the phone and on Skype. (Literally, thousands of hours over 10 years).
Paul is adaptable, knowledgable and professional. If he wasn’t in marketing, I’d hire him as my therapist.
Seriously. Call Paul.
Dave Young
When it comes to client work, things don’t always go as planned. Heck, things rarely go as planned. And when “it” hits the fan, most choose the easy route. Some even bail.

But you never do. Never.

See, Paul Boomer is a guy who stands tall and does the hard thing. Even when it’s unnecessary or unexpected. Paul Boomer is a guy you want in your corner.

Tom Wanek

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