Project Description

Ryan Chute
Ryan ChuteStrategist, Sales, Leadership, Recruitment, Matchmaker
Phone: 1-(888)-859-5659
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Any Small to Medium Sized Enterprise with a budget.

What makes me different:

I have worked on 4 continents in 8 countries around the world helping thousands of companies grow sales by building and fixing broken Selling Systems™, Leaders, and Culture.

Who I Can Help:

✅ Home Services ✅ Home Builders
✅ Retailers ✅ Architects
✅ Manufacturers ✅ Accounting Firms
✅ Auto dealers ✅ Real Estate Brokers
✅ Franchisers/Franchisees ✅ Mortgage Brokers
✅ Finance ✅ Alternative Energy
✅ Insurance ✅ Transportation
✅ Business Services ✅ Nonprofits
✅ Law Firms ✅ and more…

I help with everything sales and recruiting. I will match you with the perfect fit for everything marketing.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

🚫 Startups 🚫 Publicly traded companies
🚫 Government 🚫 Utilities
🚫 Institutions 🚫 Dictators
🚫 Mining companies 🚫 Evil Overlords
🚫 Defense companies 🚫 Carnies

We make it a policy to avoid working with liars, grifters, twitchy bastards, con men, or committees.

I Am Your Matchmaker:

Like Captain America, I assemble the perfect Wizard teams for your specific business needs. I eliminate the challenge you have in selecting the right group of Wizards to buy your media, build the marketing strategy, write your copy, do your digital strategy, recruit and train your staff, develop your leaders, implement your processes, align your external and internal messaging, and so on.

My focus is on finding the right fit and budget for your specific needs. I know who is available, what price range they are in, their style, personality, and strengths. I can provide multiple options that range in price and scope so you don’t have to.

This is my superpower. Let me simplify your life.

You will love it. I promise.

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I Feel Your Pain:

You’re Jonesin’ for those Glengarry Glen Ross leads so you can close MORE SALES FASTER at a higher average sale to get MORE PROFIT. You want TOP TALENT throwing themselves at you like the pimply kid on an Axe Body Spray commercial so you can STOP LOSING PROSPECTS.

Maybe you already have PART of your problem fixed with a good SEO guy, a decent sales trainer, or a lead gen company that is getting you leads (even if some of those leads are a bit sketchy). Maybe you are spending money on ads but struggling to find the right mix?

That’s cool. We’re flexible. We will work with outside service providers that you want to stay committed to.

I have sat in your seat. I have felt your pain. I own multiple companies and I know how to break through to the next level in your business because I’ve got the tee shirts.

If I am in on an account, I provide Sale Operations Solutions for your business, optimizing The 6 Key Factors™ in a successful Selling System™ that allow for exponential profitable growth.

However, you are here because you need more leads for your business. If you would also benefit from a higher closing ratio, average sale, and gross profit too, I may join the team.

When you start receiving more leads, you’ll need more people to serve those customers. That means more staff, more onboarding, more training. After all, we want our buying experience to be just as awesome as our advertising promised, right?!

It Often Takes A Village:

I represent 60 (yes, there’s a secret menu) of the sharpest copywriters, strategists, sales trainers, recruiters, video producers, media buyers, graphic designers, voice talent, leadership mentors, and digital marketers in the known universe. I believe a quick browse of this website provides ample proof.

From a single need to a one-stop-shop for leads, sales training, and recruitment, I help you identify the bold idea to GROW YOUR REVENUE BIGTIME.

Once we have determined the scope of work and the budget we are working with, I will assemble a dream team of brilliant Wizard of Ads™ Partners to create and implement your plan.

You say YES!, we start work.

Stuff That Just DOES.NOT.WORK

  • Our strategy is designed to work for businesses that are interested in helping people win in a trustworthy and grateful manner. If you’re cool with price gouging, abuse and harassment, doing whatever it takes to close a deal, or any other short-term stinkin’ thinkin’, this will get uncomfortable for you quickly. If your doing stuff like that now, but your intentions are pure, we will be your greatest champion.
  • Research shows that committee decision-making has the highest failure rate in any business. All Wizard of Ads™ Partners work exclusively with a single, top decision-maker. Senior management is very welcome and appreciated, but someone needs to own the strategic decisions.
  • Business owners that want to do more of the same will struggle to work with Wizard of Ads™ Partners. This doesn’t suggest we are going to change everything you do, but we’re not going to blend into the sea of invisible advertising that doesn’t work. Business owners will need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Trust me when I say you will become addicted to the way we approach things and quickly determine that everyone else has lost their mind.
  • Finally, you need to be ready to put some skin in the game. After all, you’re playing in the big leagues now. Hiring top tier people at the Wizard of Ads™ comes with a price tag, however, our unique fee structure is not only affordable but skewed in your favour.

What’s In It For You?

Options. Financial Freedom. Clarity. Direction. Time. All in abundance.

If you know what you’re doing today WILL NOT get you where you want to go tomorrow, let’s talk.

I help you build the right team to make the magic happen, no matter what size your business is today.

Sales Savant | Rainmaker | Matchmaker

Does anyone like talking about themselves? I always feel like an insufferable douchebag when I’m called upon to pontificate about myself. The only way it could be worse is if I spoke in the third person. #gross

Instead, here are some nice things 6 partners and 1 enemy had to say about me:

“He’s like the McGyver of sales.” -David Young

“He has an unsettling ability to see blind spots, bottlenecks, and breakpoints…and fix them.” -Steve Semple

“Ryan is an unnatural force of nature. He is an ACTUAL Wizard of Sales.” -Mick Torbay

“He will fix your sh*t.” -Matthew Burns

“Ryan knows Partners better than Partners know Partners.” -Johnny Molson

“Ryan’s picture is in the dictionary beside the word Rainmaker. For some reason, he’s holding a monkey and a sword.” -Asia Gregg

“I hate Ryan. He’s an a**hole, but dude knows his sh*t.” -Martin N.

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