Project Description

Ryan Chute
Ryan ChuteStrategist, Sales, Leadership, Recruitment, Matchmaker
Phone: 1-(888)-859-5659
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Any Small to Medium Sized Enterprise with a budget.

What makes me different:

In my formative years, I was raised by a pack of serial entrepreneurs in the gulags of retail.

Escaping my local bastille, I traveled the globe, becoming the #1 top-ranked Sales Trainer in the world for the auto industry (for this, I can provide photographic evidence).

For a short time, they even elevated my humble status to Warden of Australasia, where I created much mischief (and even more wealth 😉).

Having recently been domesticated, I currently own a multi-million dollar custom home building company with my strikingly talented wife.

Alas, like a moth to a porch light, the brilliance of the Wizard of Ads siren call was too irresistible for me to resist.

In life, I believe one must stay busy doing what has them eager to get out of bed each day. I've explored the darkest anatomy of the human condition, and I believe what I've learned could be quite helpful for those pure of heart looking to make their fortunes as I have.

Heaven forbid these secrets fall into the hands of rapscallions, skullduggerers, or evil-doers.

Who I Can Help:

✅ Residential Home Services ✅ Retailers & Automotive

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

🚫 Nonprofits 🚫 Publicly traded companies
🚫 Government 🚫 Utilities
🚫 Institutions 🚫 Dictators
🚫 Mining companies 🚫 Evil Overlords
🚫 Defense companies 🚫 Carnies

We make it a policy to avoid working with liars, grifters, twitchy bastards, or committees.

What I Do For Clients:

My hand-picked teams at Wizard of Ads™ are the Top 1% copywriters, marketing strategists, and media buyers in retail and residential home services.

Advertising consulting, creative, and media buying is Wizard of Ads core service.

Our FIRST priority is to make your brand become a household name.

We also work directly with your digital providers to generate leads without selling your soul to Google or Facebook (maybe Bing). We provide a proven roadmap for growing your online reputation and lower your cost per lead.

But when you’re looking for the way to improve your Customer Experience and Culture, you will need something more than great advertising.

That is something I call, The Selling Revolution.

Having been deeply involved in retail and home services as a business owner over the past 28 years (and having an unhealthy obsession with the correlation between sales, leadership, and culture) I have developed an easy-to-implement Selling System™ leveraging Culture as the linchpin.

From advertising to a single selling system, I eliminate the challenge you have in selecting the right group of Wizards to buy your media, build the marketing strategy, write your copy, do your digital strategy, recruit and train your staff, develop your leaders, implement your processes, align your external and internal messaging, and so on.

My focus is on finding the right fit and budget for your specific needs.

A great fit is going to grow your business profitably by multiples.

Let me help you find the right team to get all this heavy lifting off your plate and get back to doing what you do best!

I know who is available, their style, personality, and strengths.

This is my superpower. Let me simplify your life.

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What Works Best!

💥 Our marketing strategy is created around authenticity. We work for businesses that deliver a great buying experience. If you go out of your way to serve your customers (and employees), we will help you take over the WORLD!

💥 Wizard of Ads Partners work best when there is a single decision-maker. We have seen the atrocities that committees commit when given the freedom to “help” our clients vet ideas. We love input, but only if they have all the information upfront to understand our crazy ideas and strategic solutions.

💥 Our primary objective is to increase your revenue by obscene amounts. This means we have to get you noticed, remembered, and inspire ACTION when your customers need what you sell. Sometimes what we recommend seems bizarre (or counterintuitive) to you, and this is the leap of faith we are asking you to take.

💥 You need to be ready to make an investment in your business. We know that switching from a lead generation strategy to a blended lead gen/branding strategy can be intimidating, but it’s the only way to break past the GroundHog Day cycle that a lead gen strategy offers.

Branding is a long-game game changer that requires an investment of time, money, and energy to do right.

Anything less than World-Class is not good enough for my clients. Period.

Strategist | Rainmaker | Matchmaker

Does anyone like talking about themselves? I always feel like an insufferable douchebag when I’m called upon to pontificate about myself. The only way it could be worse is if I spoke in the third person. #gross

Instead, here are some nice things 6 partners and 1 enemy had to say about me:

“He’s like the McGyver of sales.” -David Young

“He has an unsettling ability to see blind spots, bottlenecks, and breakpoints…and fix them.” -Steve Semple

“Ryan is an unnatural force of nature. He is an ACTUAL Wizard of Sales.” -Mick Torbay

“He will fix your sh*t.” -Matthew Burns

“Ryan knows Partners better than Partners know Partners.” -Johnny Molson

“Ryan’s picture is in the dictionary beside the word Rainmaker. For some reason, he’s holding a monkey and a sword.” -Asia Gregg

“I hate Ryan. He’s an a**hole, but dude knows his sh*t.” -Martin N.

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