Project Description

Craig Arthur
Craig ArthurMarketing Strategist, Australia
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Client Size Range: Start-up to $25M Yearly Revenue

My Business Motto:

Strategy Before Action. Work Hard. Have Fun.

Who I Can Help:

I can help any business owner in Australia who answers YES to the following.

  • You consider yourself a Business Maverick.
  • You have financial staying power.
  • You are tenacious, honest and hard working.
  • You are customer focused.
  • You already have a good business.
  • You believe your business can grow 5 to 20 times its current yearly revenue.

Who Is Not a Good Fit:

Don’t hire me if you:

  • Want quick success.
  • Want me to report to a manager, committee or board of directors.
  • Want to grow but don’t want to pay the tied to growth fee increase.

What I Do For Clients:

I always apply, ‘Strategy Before Action.’
Without a plan, marketing either fails or produces disappointing results. Marketing delivers the biggest boost to your yearly revenue when done by design.

So before our team writes copy, buys media, creates website content, helps improve customer experience or even take photos (my hobby) we take the time to develop a Profitable Marketing Strategy unique for your business.

Next step is to help you implement your strategy.

Success Stories:

Anyone can tell a couple of success stories, so let’s look at the flipside.

In 16-years as a Wizard of Ads Partner, I have had six clients decide not to retain my services.

Three of those clients decided they didn’t want to pay the increase in my fees. Remember, Wizard of Ads fees are tied to your business growth.

Two clients didn’t grow. Good marketing can only speed up was going to happen anyway. We can work hard, do the right thing, but sometimes factors beyond our control swamp us.

The other client sold his business. The new business owner decided to do the marketing himself. In a few short years, his revenue fell like a rock, down from $7.5M yearly to $2.4M.

I am back consulting to the original business owner. He started a new business from scratch. The marketing strategy included naming the business Happy Tint. (Happy Tint provides window tinting for cars, homes and offices.) After a few years in business, yearly revenue is $2.5M. We have our eyes focused on $7.0M. This client is brilliant at converting leads into sales and delivering a superior service. His business would grow without me. I simply help him grow faster.

Happy Tint Radio Ads:

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